The page links in the right sidebar (locked below for mobile users) are an evolving catalogue of the bizarre beliefs, groups, individuals, and language of self proclaimed Sovereign Citizens.


What is a Sovereign Citizen? 

Sovereign Citizens mistakenly believe that all statute law is contractual and only apply to them if an individual consents to be governed by it.  They believe that they can declare themselves independent of government jurisdiction and that the only “true law” is common law.  [Wikipedia]

The often marginalized aspect of the Sovereign ideology is the extreme religious belief that they are ordained by God to be superior to the government, man-made laws, and everyone else.


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Domestic Terrorists

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The FBI has ranked Sovereign Citizens as the top domestic terrorist threat to American citizens and the country.


Homeland Security Report on Sovereign extremist violence


While this compendium uses the term “Sovereign Citizen”, the various extremist sub-groups are included due to their overlapping ideologies and penchant for escalating violence.

These groups include:

  • Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) – [RationalWiki]
  • Freemen on the Land – [RationalWiki]
  • Militia – [RationalWiki]
  • Minutemen
  • Oath Keepers
  • Pacific Patriot Network (PPN)
  • Tax Protesters – [RationalWiki]
  • Three Percenters (III%ers)


Acts of Violence and Plots

JJ MacNab maintains an updated and detailed list of Sovereign Citizen extremist violence and terrorism.


sovereign citizen acts of domestic terrorism

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Upcoming Definitions

  • Posse Comitatus
  • Patriot
  • God
  • Free Inhabitant / Article Four
  • Freedom
  • Flags
  • First Amendment
  • Federal Land
  • Federal Government
  • First Amendment / Free Speech
  • False Narrative
  • False Flag
  • Ecclesiastical Court
  • Declaration of Independence
  • Corporation
  • Constitutional Rights
  • Constitutional Republic
  • Constitution
  • Common Law Grand Jury
  • Committee of Safety
  • Articles of Confederation
  • Jesus
  • Militia
  • Minuteman
  • Natural Law
  • Sacrifice
  • Sheeple
  • Slavery
  • Treason
  • Unconstitutional
  • Usurper
  • We The People