Intelligent Designmindsoap - intelligent design, page logo (Creationism) is the pseudo-scientific view that “certain features of the universe and living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.  Ultimately, ID and Creationism are religious arguments which lack empirical support and offers no testable or tenable hypotheses.  [Wikipedia]


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The Scientific Method and ID

mindsoap - intelligent design, scientific methodHere is a very trimmed down summary of the scientific method.

  1. Observe a phenomenon.
  2. Come up with a hypothesis that explains the phenomenon.
  3. Design a test that will disprove the hypothesis.
  4. Conduct the test. If it disproves the hypothesis, go back to 2. If not, go back to 3.
  5. After looping thru 3 and 4 a lot of times, submit to peer-reviewed journal for publication, where others can loop thru 3 and 4.
  6. Create a general theory.

Intelligent Design and Creationism cannot go beyond Step #2, as they are a conclusion that cannot be demonstrated or tested in reality.

I don’t need to disprove something that cannot be demonstrated and tested to be true.

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All major fields of science disprove Intelligent Design and Creationism stories.

  • Astrophysics – The universe is 13,82 billion years old.
  • Nuclear physics – The earth is 4,54 billion years old.
  • Geology – The formation of mountains takes millions of years.
  • Paleontology – Life started 3,9 billions of years ago.
  • Biology – The species we know today evolved ever since life started.
  • Chemistry – We are not made out of dust, mud, clay, dirt or rocks.
  • Biochemistry – We are carbon based lifeforms.



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Un-Intelligent Design


Here are just a few examples of how humans and the world around us were not “designed”.

  • The majority of Earth’s water supply is undrinkable.
  • Most of Earth’s environments will kill us from exposure without protection.
  • The sun gives us cancer.
  • Something has to die in order for us to eat.
  • The Black Death


  • We have no claws, horns, antlers or scales.  We have no fangs or fur.
  • The Eye – Our most important sense, is a sphere of soft and incredibly vulnerable tissue. The nerve canal provides a direct, do-not-pass-go route to the brain.
  • Blood Supply – The jugular, femoral, and carotid are within a centimeter of the surface.
  • Skull – The section with the most surface area (the temple) is also the weakest.
  • Recreational areas right next to sewage facilities.
  • We eat and breathe out of the same head hole.

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Intelligent Design Isn’t About Religion?


Creationists are determined to get ID into schools claiming that both “theories” should be taught side by side.

Ask the Creationist when they would like Evolution/Science talks setup in their churches.