raglandWhat happens to a psychic when they lose their super powers?

How can you tell when it happens?

Self-proclaimed Quantum™ psychic and anti-vaxxer Pam Ragland’s recent post gives some insight.


Missing Person

2016-06-22 - missing person, no more powers


On June 13th, 2016, Leonard Duguay from Silverado Canyon went missing.  The Orange County Register posted the story by June 21st to spread the information to help the search effort.

Pam Ragland shared the sheriff’s department missing person post to her FB followers the next day.


Psychics love missing person stories.  They love the media attention and crave giving false comfort to vulnerable people in their most desperate hours.

Pam Ragland is a prime example and she has a very long history of inserting herself into local missing person stories to get herself in front of media outlets.


So what is different in the Leonard Duguay story?

Notice anything suspiciously absent from Ragland’s post?



There is zero mention of Ragland claiming to use her psychic abilities to find her missing neighbor.  Strange.

Ragland asks all her followers to share and post the missing persons flier far and wide.  Ragland does not make any indication that she is engaging her esteemed Quantum Thought Shifting™ powers to find her 83 year old missing neighbor.



Psychic Ground To Cover

psychic crystal ball

Your Mileage May Vary

California does have a lot of area to cover for one lone psychic to locate a missing person.

Perhaps there is a correlation between Ragland’s location in Rancho Santa Margarita and her claimed abilities.

Let’s compare the distances of Pam Ragland’s past expeditions:

  • Missing hikers, Trabuco Canyon, < 7 miles.
  • Child drowning,  Rancho Santa Margarita, literally a few feet away.
  • Missing boy, Menifee, < 63 miles.
  • Kidnapped kids.  Started in San Diego, ended in Cascade, Idaho, up to 830+ miles.

What about the last reported locations where Leonard Duguay was sighted?

  • Apparently a neighbor of Ragland, < 1 mile.
  • Possible sighting in Foothill Ranch, < 10 miles.
  • Car found in Laguna Beach, < 20 miles
  • Known to visit Orange and Tustin, < 25 miles.

So the Duguay story definitely falls within Ragland’s alleged psychic reach.

Why isn’t Pam Ragland canvassing Orange County psychically homing in on Duguay?


Unable or Unwilling

ragland photo 1

Bye-bye Psychic Powers

Since June 22nd to the time of this posting, Pam Ragland has not made any claims of psychic efforts to find Mr. Duguay.  Ragland has also, for the first time, not forced her children into the story to psychically communicate directly with Duguay.

If Ragland insists that her psychic intuition abilities are actually real, then why the sudden radical shift?

After Ragland’s very public failed psychic claims on the location of abducted 16-year-old Hannah Anderson, Ragland has essentially dropped the psychic schtick and moved on to insane anti-vaccination conspiracy theories to keep her followers entertained with anti-science nonsense.

As for psychics finding missing persons, it appears that Ragland is now either unwilling or unable to use her superpowers.

My money’s on the latter.


At the time of this posting, Mr. Leonard Duguay is still unfortunately missing and will hopefully be safely reunited with his family soon.