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Month: January 2016


    Freedom!  (to enslave your mind) I would think that this type of “chains and freedom” analogy is extremely poor taste in the south since Christianity was a “huge stamp of approval” for justifying slavery in America.  Christian amnesia strikes again....

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God’s Plan

  God’s Plan (condensed version): When you are born God auto-magically flags you as an evil sinner because a naked woman, created from a man’s rib, ate an apple from a magical tree because she listened to a talking snake. The good news is that you can live forever but only if you symbolically eat God’s flesh and telepathically tell God that you accept him as your master. You must unconditionally love, never question, and constantly live in fear of this jealous God for your entire life, begging for forgiveness from the evil that God himself put in you in the first place....

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