mindsoap - carl dial, arson suspect cochella mosque 2The Riverside County sheriff’s department announced the arrest a suspect of the Coachella mosque fire.


Carl James Dial Jr., 23, of Palm Desert has been booked on several felony charges, including commission of a hate crime, three counts of arson, and second degree burglary.


Update 3/1/2016 – Carl Dial has been sentenced to six months in prison after pleading guilty. [source]


Social Media Insights

Carl Dial’s public Facebook posts are a typical mix of heavy metal, gaming, and various other topics that you would expect to see on a twenty three year old’s timeline.  However, a few publicly posted messages give a little further insight into Carl Dial’s mindset.  Images sorted newest to oldest.


mindsoap - carl dial, booking information

Sheriff Dept Booking Info

There is more than a little irony that Carl Dial and his friends mock Anita Sarkeesian (@femfreq) on her tweet addressing connections between violence and toxic ideas… only to see Carl arrested on suspicion of multiple felonies fourteen months later.


In light of the current allegations, it is a little concerning to see Dial’s November 2014 post about his neighbor’s house burning down and his disgusting comment on the firemen’s abilities.





12/16/2015 – Prosecutors have charged Carl Dial with arson, burglary, and a hate crime for the mosque fire.  Dial’s appointed attorney has entered a plea of ‘not guilty’.  Family members are still in disbelief, citing ‘depression’ and that Carl wanted to ‘end his life’.  The family also describes Carl as ‘not political, racist, or even religious’.   [CBS2] [Desert Sun]


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