sjl - god's mercy


Seriously?  I don’t think “God’s Mercy” means what they think it means… especially if the Bible is any indication of what God’s Mercy looks like.


Estimate closer to 2.8 million using biblical numbers only. (see below)


God’s Body Countdwindlinginunbelief-drunkwithblood

DwindlingInUnbelief has a very detailed list of God’s murderous mercy.

Using only biblical numbers, the number of murdered people comes in at 2,821,364.

Adding estimates to specific events, that number jumps to 25 million.



The next time a Christian drones on and on about “God’s Mercy”, go ahead and ask them about all the people he’s murdered in his loving glory.

God’s Mercy is essentially when a serial killer decides to spare your life and then goes about killing other people for their own perverse pleasure.