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Month: July 2015


  A beautiful glimpse at a possible future for humanity, if we ever get around to ditching ancient superstitions and insane hatreds.  Narrated by Carl Sagan. This is one of my top reasons for being “that” angry atheist.  As a species we could be focusing our resources and lives to protecting this world, colonizing the solar system, and eventually exploring other systems in galaxy. What do we have instead?  Religious zealots and pandering politicians that are absolutely determined to take us all back to the Dark...

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Animal Psychic Relays Message from Cecil the Lion

It never takes very long for vile opportunists to take advantage of a tragic event for their own narcissistic attention and the death of Cecil the Lion is no different.     Soon after the news of the murder of Cecil the Lion at the hands of cowardly poacher (aka human garbage) Walter James Palmer, enter Karen Anderson, a self-described “animal communicator”.  Necro-Dr. Doolittle Anderson posted to Facebook that she has spoken to Cecil the Lion from the afterlife and posted his message online for all to see.   The Message Here is Karen’s Cecil’s message: “Let not the actions of these few men...

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