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Month: June 2015

Anti-Vaxxer Pam Ragland Rallies The Ignorant

When psychic Pam Ragland isn’t speaking to a dead child or embroiled in legal issues with banking institutions, she rallies the ignorant to her tiny banner of anti-vaccination beliefs.  Since the recent Measles outbreak peaked in California, lawmakers have had enough and are pushing ahead with legislation (California SB-277) to remove personal and religious beliefs as exemptions from children being vaccinated. Pam Ragland again seeks to gain some form of attention to her store cause and has launched her own petition to “Stop Trying to Force Vaccines“!     Stop Trying to Force Herd Immunity Since Ragland insists on...

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Honest Christian Coexist Bumper Stickers

There are many variations of the popular “COEXIST” bumper stickers out there.  There is even one critical of Islam.   I could not find one critical of Christianity though…  so I made a few examples for “honest” Christians to be proud of their religion and beliefs.</s>             The Duggar Family Special!         Blank – Make Your Own!  😀  ...

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