Isjl - barnes and noble - christian fiction found myself entering a Barnes and Noble in Georgia for the first time this weekend.  I love books but I have never been fond of B&N in California and this visit just further reinforced that opinion.

As soon as I walked in, my atheist spidey-sense started tingling.  I immediately saw why this was happening.

The first full FOUR farking aisles of books at the front were all Bible/Christian sections.  A full section of Bibles in several different translation, Christian History, Christian Inspiration, and my personal favorite… Christian Fiction.

All four aisles should truthfully be flagged for what they are… Christian Fiction and moved to the back corner of the store next to the Mythology section.  B&N should have the Science and Biology sections towards the front of the store to promote some solid education.

B&N does have several classics now re-published in shiny cheaply-made hardbound series that might appeal to some people but I will continue to seek my reading materials elsewhere.