Forever Separate - ImgurThe Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education is apparently infiltrated by members of the Calvary Chapel mega-church.

From the article:

Three of the five school board members worship at the evangelical church on Sundays; two of them continue praying and preaching during the board meetings on Thursdays.

“Our lives begin in the hospital and end in the church,” then-board President James Na said during a meeting in January 2014, according to a video of the meeting. He urged onlookers to surrender themselves to God and, to “everyone who does not know Jesus Christ, go find him.”


“For the past week, I’ve been hearing in my mind, ‘I can only imagine seeing the glory of God and dancing with Jesus,'” said Andrew Cruz, currently the board’s vice president.

[via OC Weekly]


These people should not be anywhere near the education system if they urge people to surrender themselves to their invisible friends and go dancing around with Jesus.