Wayne E. Coleman, a crack genius legal scholar and contractor from Maryland, filed a lawsuit after a traffic stop which ended with the sheriff’s department impounding his vehicle for lack of registration plates.  In the lawsuit, which Coleman wrote and is representing himself, he claims that medications were inside the impounded vehicle, causing him to lose work opportunities.  Coleman is seeking $220,000 in damages plus the names of all the defendants involved.

Coleman was pulled over on February 4, 2014 and identified himself as a “Non-Citizen Moor National, free and natural man” and that he was not required to “have such a thing” as registration plates”.  Coleman then gave the officers a custom made identification card and a “Public Servant Questionnaire” that authorizes a sovereign or natural person to collect information about the Public Servant to determine whether to divulge information”.

So what is a Public Servant Questionnaire?  The following video by the Citizens Action Network explains it in really insane detail.


Seriously… “mojo”?  What Jeff Ball is describing is the chip on the shoulder child rage that is endemic of every Sovereign Citizen in the wild.

I am certain that a law enforcement officer that realizes he/she is engaging a Sovereign Citizen (or anyone else) would even consider giving their residential address or any other information.


Coleman was then arrested after refusing to provide a driver’s licence and registration plates.  Deputies gave Coleman the opportunity to retrieve personal items from the vehicle before it was towed away.  A few days later Coleman called the sheriff’s office “figureheads and staff” for medication he had forgotten from the vehicle.  In the lawsuit, Coleman wrote that a month without his medication resulted in a 15% loss of vision.  The loss of his transportation caused him to lose contracts, he could not afford to renew his home improvement license/insurance, and ultimately closed his business.


A few items that stand out with Wayne Coleman’s Sovereign Citizen idiocy logic:

  • Coleman did have a Driver’s License, which means [according to Sovereign Citizens] he put himself under the jurisdiction and rules of Maryland’s vehicle code.
  • Coleman is a licensed and bonded contractor.  So he has another contract with local government rules/regulations.

Sovereign Hypocrite much?


The attorney representing the sheriff department has handled “so-called sovereign citizen” cases in the past, so Wayne Coleman should have an interesting time representing himself.


[via Southern Maryland Newspapers Online]