Pam Ragland’s thought shifting - it does it all blog and all of her posts going back a decade have vanished into quantum-thin air.

The second chapter of my review of Thought Shifting chronicles all of Pam Ragland’s claims of incredible healing powers, making tons of money effortlessly, and literally fixing every malady known to the human race.  Each of these claims were detailed and linked back to Ragland’s own words, podcasts, and videos on her blog posts, which are now gone.

Unfortunately for Ragland, the internet does not always forget and thanks to, all of Pam’s missing posts and claims have been completely restored.

The links in this review have been updated to accurately reference Pam Ragland’s Thought Shifting claims.  Several new claims have also been added to the list that were previously missed.


Thought Shifting Review 2 – What Can It Do?