Surviving Jesus Land is a new series of posts detailing my observations while living in Georgia.  I relocated from southern California to the Atlanta, Georgia area about six months ago so I am noticing a lot of the religious insanity and covert bigotry.

Here are just a few observations from just the first month in Georgia:


Bumper Stickersgod bless our troops, especially our snipers


I saw this vile bumper sticker at least three different times in the first month driving to and from the Atlanta airport.

Do they hand them out for free at the DMV?


Blessings with Every Receipt


bless your heartHearing “Have a Blessed Day” at the Publix checkout line every visit was surprising.  The employees at Publix are insanely polite and often help customers by taking their purchases to their vehicles, which never happens in California.

Then I started to get blessings at Kroger.  Then also at Trader Joe’s.

The frequency of blessings decline the further away you get from Christmas though.

Oh, I also quickly learned the difference of “Bless Your Heart”.



In God We Trustlicense plate


This is an extremely common and painful sight on the roads.  I never really advertised unbelief on my vehicle back in California and I probably will not in Georgia.

cthulhu_fishWell, I did have one sticker for a short time a few years ago that might qualify.

But what to do when I get my vehicle registered in Georgia?  I was not going to opt for the ‘In God We Trust’ motto.

Could I add my own motto?  What would be a good alternative?





From what I could find out, the IGWT sticker is the only acceptable option that can be placed over the county name.  I decided not to press the matter while at the tag office when I noticed that the helpful lady’s desk was literally covered in dozens of the IGWT stickers.

I am not sure if I could get away with getting the IGWT sticker and using a little white out to improve it.

license plate2


They Found Us


On the fourth week of being in Georgia, my wife received a hand written letter in the mail from a nearby Baptist Church.  It was a typical welcome to the neighborhood and please come on down and worship with us letter.

  • Neither my wife or myself have never been Baptists.
  • Nobody else on either side of our families are Baptists.
  • I have no idea how they could acquire her name and address as we are staying with family until we find a new home.
  • The only ‘official’ information I can think of would be our forwarded mail from California to Georgia through the US Post Office system.
  • We had not yet registered our vehicles or applied for new driver’s licenses either.

So where the hell did they get the information from?  Do they have minions mining data at the post office?

I resisted the urge to send back a thank you letter with an invitation to stop by our new Atheism Center for Science and Reason that we would be opening soon across the street from their church.  😉