With the news of the devastating 7.8 earthquake in Nepal, Pam Ragland offers her sage advice to her followers… to think warm energy and prayers… because that’s what the Nepalese people need right now!

pam ragland - prayers for nepal 1

Does Ragland ask her followers to donate to a global relief fund?  Nope.  Does she ask for volunteers to help out at a donations drive for emergency supplies?  Nuh-uh.


prayer - it's easy


I ampam ragland - prayers for nepal 2 sure Pam Ragland must be up to some super compassionate work that would enshrine her spirituality.  A few hours later the following FB update was posted.

Off to the OC Imaginology Fair to get ribbons for their chicken and rabbit?!?

I’m sure many families in Nepal would love to give their show animals a good home right about now.


Since Pam Ragland’s schedule was extremely busy this weekend, I decided to go ahead and make a donation, in her name, to the GlobalGiving – Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund!



pam ragland - prayers for nepal 3