3/31 Update – Gordo has been removed from the house health, insurance, and environment committee after his comments last week.  He still remains on the house local government committee.  [via FriendlyAtheist]

A mindsoap - gordon klingenschmitt douchebag march 2015woman in Longmont was recently attacked and had her baby horrifically cut from her womb.  Gordon Klingenschmitt, a Republican Representative, shared some of his compassionate vile thoughts on his PIJN News show.

“This is the curse of God upon America for our sin of not protecting innocent children in the womb. And part of that curse, for our rebellion against god as a nation, is that our pregnant women are ripped open.”


Apparently Klingerschmitt (like so many other believers) is content to cherry-pick his bible verses to make his disgusting points.  Here is a reference page detailing how much God protects innocent children:  God Is NOT Pro-Life


Right Wing Watch has a large collection of Gordon Klingerschmitt’s religious bigotry against LGBT equality and other insanity.


Colorado.. please stop electing such disgusting people as your representatives!