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Month: March 2015

Priest Carries Out Mass Exorcism on Children at Religious Camp

This is just plain disgusting. Tomas Wieczorek decided to exorcise the demons and cram God into 1000 children on a three day camp where “young people explore God and devote themselves to spiritual renewal through prayer.”  On the first day Wieczorek took several of the children on stage, placed his hand on their foreheads, and started chanting “Holy Spirit, Come!” over and over.  Some of the children fainted, started crying, screaming, and a few even laughed at him. “It was really scary, almost like a mental asylum,” remarked one of the students. A church spokesman said: “We haven’t received any complaints so far, so there’s no problem.” Another example of vile child abuse at the hands of religious indoctrination. [via...

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Indo Chinese Islamic Pastor Accused of Molesting Three Girls

Ahmad Henry Osman worked at the Indo Chinese Islamic Center in Santa Ana, California.  Prosecutors are accusing him of molesting three girls, ages 6, 7, and 9, who he met at the center.  Osman is charged with two felony counts of performing lewd acts upon a child under the age of 14 with a sentencing enhancement allegation for multiple victims.  Another parent has come forward to investigators alleging their 7 year old daughter was also molested.  Osman faces 50 years to life and mandatory sex offender registration if convicted. [via: OC Weekly]...

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Colorado Politician: Baby Cut From Woman’s Womb Was Punishment From God

3/31 Update – Gordo has been removed from the house health, insurance, and environment committee after his comments last week.  He still remains on the house local government committee.  [via FriendlyAtheist] A woman in Longmont was recently attacked and had her baby horrifically cut from her womb.  Gordon Klingenschmitt, a Republican Representative, shared some of his compassionate vile thoughts on his PIJN News show. “This is the curse of God upon America for our sin of not protecting innocent children in the womb. And part of that curse, for our rebellion against god as a nation, is that our pregnant women are ripped open.”   Apparently Klingerschmitt (like so many other believers) is content to cherry-pick his bible verses to make his disgusting points.  Here is a reference page detailing how much God protects innocent children:  God Is NOT Pro-Life   Right Wing Watch has a large collection of Gordon Klingerschmitt’s religious bigotry against LGBT equality and other insanity.   Colorado.. please stop electing such disgusting people as your representatives!  ...

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Man Leaves Bomb at Georgia Park to be a ‘Patriot’.

No indication yet if this patriot moron falls into the Sovereign Citizen spectrum of dumb-assery but is seriously close. A man who described himself as a “patriot” confessed to placing homemade bombs in a Georgia park to help people realize “that this type of activity could happen anywhere.”   Keep in mind that it has only been six months since a Sovereign Citizen attempted an armed assault on a Georgia courthouse but was thankfully put down by deputies before he was able to take hostages.   Edit: The domestic terrorist plead...

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