sc - robert lawrence, deceasedHere we go again…  this time in Dothan, Alabama.

Robert Lawrence was attempting to drop off a stray cat at a local shelter but became disorderly after he was told he needed to provide identification to leave the animal at the shelter.

Queue the sovereign citizen flip-out.

Lawrence became belligerent and the police responded to a disorderly conduct complaint.  After repeated failed attempts to get Lawrence to calm down, he was advised he was being placed under arrest.  A physical altercation occurred, resulting in Lawrence being shot in the abdomen.

The original story can be found here. posted a follow-up that Robert Lawrence later died at the hospital.


Instead of legal identification, Lawrence would only provide paperwork that identified him as a “sovereign citizen” and therefore not bound by federal, state or local laws.

It is unclear at this time if Robert Lawrence was using the Sovereign Citizen cut-out kit on Amazon.

Details on Lawrence’s criminal past were detailed over at

Prosecutors said Lawrence had obvious anger issues and often expressed anti-government views.

He pleaded guilty earlier this year to making harassing communications in connection with threats he made in January 2013 to the State Department of Human Resources, and he served 90 days in jail in that case.

Investigators said he had been angry with the department in connection with a child custody dispute….

Two women filed protection orders against Lawrence this year after he allegedly choked one and threatened another.