Ishaq Ibrahim sonstar 1was on trial on charges of armed bank robbery in June 2013.  Ibrahim’s alleged accomplices James Byrd (convicted, facing thirty years) and Wesley Davis Jr. (pleaded guilty, sentenced to four to eight years in state prison) have already worked their way through the justice system.

Mr. Ibrahim however decided to step up the crazy by claiming to be a sovereign citizen and that law enforcement has no jurisdiction over him during the trial.  Here are a few of Ishaq’s sovereign gems:

  • Accused the District Attorney of fraud when he was identified by “Ibrahim” in the arrest records.
  • “My name is sonstar, for the record. I’m the sovereign man, the living man.”
  • “I don’t consent to the proceedings.  This court has no jurisdiction over me.”
  • “Your honor, you’re not above me. You’re a public servant.  I’m the sovereign.”
  • “I’m being persecuted, not prosecuted.”
  • “What makes him a judge?  Because he has a robe on?”
  • “I do not consent to these proceedings. I am the living man and the system has no authority or jurisdiction over me. I have not delegated my sovereignty or sovereign power to any government,” Ibrahim repeated as the witnesses testified during his non-jury trial on robbery-related charges. “I am a living man, possessed in a sovereign soul. I will continue to exercise my rights until you kill me or blow my head off.”

Carl Hessler Jr. was live tweeting the action during the short trial.

Ishaq had to be moved to another room equipped with video conferencing after constantly interrupting witness testimony.

Ibrahim could be seen flailing his arms and could be heard shouting about the “conspiratorial fraud against the living man.” At one point, the judge decreased the volume on the video conferencing equipment so that Ibrahim’s voice would not overshadow the voices of witnesses.

When asked his name by a reporter, Ibrahim replied, “My dog calls me Ruff.” LOL


The ultimate downfall of sonstar the Sovereign Citizen was the security camera surveillance images that showed one of the robbers had orange underwear protruding from the waistline, which Ibrahim was wearing at the time of his arrest.

Ishaq Ibrahim was convicted of multiple robbery and conspiracy charges.

Judge Garret Page later remarked, “But one thing he forgot. My mother always said to me when I leave the house, change your underwear.”

Ibrahim will be sentenced later this year after a background investigation, including drug, alcohol, and mental health evaluations.


problem guy okayIt’s probably safe to say that Ishaq’s mental health evaluation will be an epic fail.  Just put him in a room with a gold fringed flag and ask him why a Sovereign Citizen would steal Federal Reserve notes.