Self-identified ‘sovereign citizen’ mindsoap - gibbs 1and militia movement member Brandon Gibbs decided to take a stab at a possible Darwin Award, thus removing himself from the gene pool.


Brandon Gibbs attempted nomination was accomplished in three easy steps:

  1. Gibbs made threatening phone calls to City Hall stating that: “…if you come back on my property.  I’m going to put a bullet in a tire or in somebody’s head.”  The city had turned off his water due to nonpayment of his service bill.
  2. When police arrive at his apartment to serve an arrest warrant, Gibbs answers the door wearing full body armor, a face shield, camouflage clothes, a knife strapped across his chest, and holding a can of pepper spray.
  3. Officers then instructed Gibbs to drop the pepper spray, Gibbs refused and began walking toward one of the officers.


The law enforcement officers were able to quickly subdue Gibbs with a minimal amount of force.  Gibbs was promptly arrested and hit with multiple charges.


From the blog:

Accord­ing to state­ments Gibbs made to police offi­cers and to activ­ity on his Face­book account, his actions towards law enforce­ment and pub­lic offi­cials appear to be influ­enced by anti-government extrem­ist beliefs. After police offi­cers charged Gibbs with resist­ing arrest in May 2013, he allegedly told offi­cers that he trained every week­end in Mau­repas, Louisiana, with a 500-person mili­tia on shoot­ing and mil­i­tary tech­niques. In one of his Face­book posts, Gibbs claimed that he stud­ied abroad “in @ home” to learn “empro­vised [sic] weapons spe­cial­izm [sic] and “hand to hand com­bat” in order “to defend myself and my land against any treat [sic]” and to “make your entinc­tions [sic] abso­lutly [sic] clear shoot to kill.” The likes on his Face­book page include eight dif­fer­ent mili­tias and he is part of the “Three Per­centers for Con­sti­tu­tional Troops and Law Enforce­ment” Face­book group, which har­bors anti-government extrem­ist beliefs.


Gibbs also told officers he was hoping to go to Pakistan so he could fight and maybe die for something “that was ‘just and true’ ” but noted he could not serve in the military because he had been deemed psychologically unfit, the report says.


In May 2013, Gibbs was arrested on counts of resisting an officer and aggravated assault after he allegedly pulled a knife on two people in front of his home and threatened to “blow” them away with an AK-47 semi-automatic rifle if they ever returned.  Prior to the arrest, Gibbs sent police an email warning them that “no trespassing would be tolerated” and “to stay away”. 


Brandon Gibbs’ “Facebook Likesmindsoap - gibbs 2 are about what you would expect at this point.  Extremist far-right wing conservative groups, 2nd Amendment, Oath Keepers, Militia organizations, Three Percenters, Tea Party, military gear, survivalist groups, miscellaneous “patriot” groups, etc.  Gibbs also has (bewilderingly) used an Anonymous themed pic for his Facebook cover background.


A few days later Mr. Gibbs took up his keyboard to publicly set the record straight.  Brandon Gibbs’ use of the English language is as soothing to the eyes, as getting sand crammed under your eyelids.


Brandon Gibbs’ most recent arrest could easily have ended with his death.  Hopefully the Gonzales Police Department has confiscated all of Gibbs’ guns, weapons, and body armor after this encounter with this ‘psychologically unfit’ sovereign citizen.