The Ku Klux Klananonymous recently promised to use lethal force against protestors in Ferguson, Missouri.


Anonymous has responded by declaring an all out war on the KKK by hijacking their Twitter account, DDOSing several of their websites, and publicly unmasking their members.


Relevant updates are being appended to the post below.

Frank Ancona,mindsoap - kkk, ferguson leader ofthe KKK’s Missouri operations, was distributing fliers in the St. Louis area warning protesters that those who have threatened police officers and their families will be met with violence themselves.  See the full flyer image on the right.





Looks like Anon has doxxed Frank Ancona’s website as well.

Kudos Anon!  They should’ve expected you.




Follow the war on Twitter @AnonCopWatch and #OpKKK and #HoodsOff.colbert popcorn





Latest Updates:












Anon just took down the United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan website at  They also acquired and distributed the entire user database, complete with hash password logins.  Oh my!


Anonymous is now posting that they may have information on Darren Wilson and his ties to the KKK.






Darren Wilson Supporters Remove Photo Showing 3 KKK members at Rally After It Becomes Public Knowledge

Max Freeman speaks with a member of Anonymous about #OpKKK

Another list of images of unmasked Klan members.

The Klan attempted to setup a second Twitter account, Anon took this one over as well. Hah!  Apparently a troll.

The Klan threatens reporter who taped the call and posted the threats: “We’ll be watching you.” etc.

Anonymous Exposes Cop as Member of KKK Behind Letter Threatening to Kill Protesters

Klansman Frank Ancona Calls Anonymous Mean Names After the Epic Outing of KKK Members

Woman Outed as KKK Member Responds