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Month: November 2014

Anonymous Declares War on the KKK

The Ku Klux Klan recently promised to use lethal force against protestors in Ferguson, Missouri.   Anonymous has responded by declaring an all out war on the KKK by hijacking their Twitter account, DDOSing several of their websites, and publicly unmasking their members.   Relevant updates are being appended to the post below. Frank Ancona, leader ofthe KKK’s Missouri operations, was distributing fliers in the St. Louis area warning protesters that those who have threatened police officers and their families will be met with violence themselves.  See the full flyer image on the right.       A message from Anonymous. #OpKKK — :deactivated (@KuKluxKlanUSA) November 18, 2014   Looks like Anon has doxxed Frank Ancona’s website as well. Kudos Anon!  They should’ve expected you.       Follow the war on Twitter @AnonCopWatch and #OpKKK and #HoodsOff.         Latest Updates:   11/20 We will make a statement within 12 hours regarding the information we have obtained on Darren Wilson. — Anonymous Cop Watch (@AnonCopWatch) November 20, 2014   "@ThebetterJD: Frank Ancona's linkedin. Come and get it. #OpKKK"Scumbag!!!! — Bibi (@BibiGreat) November 20, 2014   11/19   @anoncheef_ The Grand Lizzard of the KKK locked his twitter account down ~> @moklansman <~ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ROFLMFAO #OpKKK #HoodsOff — ROCK THE BOAT (@OnlyTruthReign) November 19, 2014   #TANGODOWN– –

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Ben Stein – Obama is the Most Racist President Ever

  As the holiday season approaches, the leaves begin to change, the mythical war of Christmas is on the horizon, and Faux News trots out Ben Stein yet again for even more nonsensical musings.  In part of this ‘interview’, Stein slurs his way through with the following:   “This president is the most racist president there has ever been in America. He is purposefully trying to use race to divide Americans. Anyone who investigates it even a little bit knows it’s hogwash.”     Stein does not give any real examples that would lead to his amusing revelation other than “Democrats BAD!” and “Republicans GOOD!”.  He even goes on to claim that the Republicans saved the economy.  Erm, wat?   Here is a very brief look at some American Presidents: From The Hauenstein Center at Grand Valley State University: [link] Following is the number of slaves each of the 12 slave holding presidents owned. (CAPS indicate the president owned slaves while serving as the chief executive): GEORGE WASHINGTON (between 250-350 slaves) THOMAS JEFFERSON (about 200) JAMES MADISON (more than 100) JAMES MONROE (about 75) ANDREW JACKSON (fewer than 200) Martin Van Buren (one) William Henry Harrison (eleven) JOHN TYLER (about 70) JAMES POLK (about 25) ZACHARY TAYLOR (fewer than 150) Andrew Johnson (probably eight) Ulysses S. Grant (probably five) Andrew Jackson – Oversaw the Trail of Tears, also known...

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