Sovereign Citizens.  The dangerous combination of far right wing idiocy, extreme Christian fundamentalism, legal brainlessness, and 10 metric shit-tons of narcissistic arrogance.


What is a Sovereign Citizen? 

Please read the Wikipedia Article first to get some background and context.  More info can be found at the Southern Poverty Law Center:

The ideas of the “sovereign citizens” movement originate in the ideology of the Posse Comitatus, an anti-Semitic group that raged through the Midwest in the late 1970s and 1980s. Sovereign citizens claim that they are not subject to most taxes, are not citizens of the United States (but instead are “non-resident aliens”), cannot be tried for crimes in which there is no complaining victim, and are only subject to “common law courts,” a sort of people’s tribunal with no lawyers. Most refuse to obtain Social Security cards, register their vehicles, carry driver’s licenses or use zip codes; many refer to UCC-107, a part of the Uniform Commercial Code, to justify their bizarre claims; and some use weird forms of punctuation between their middle and last names in all kinds of documents.   [ source and more info ]


Personal Experience with Sovereign Citizens

I will try to add a little detail on my own experience with Sovereign Citizens.  Back in the early 90s I had my first exposure to Sovereign Citizenship.  I was in my 20s and had a nerdy hobby of enjoying UFO conspiracies.  X-Files was on the air every week.  I was exploring the Internet using dial-up unix shell accounts as the full web and broadband was a few years away.  Yes, I can now admit to be a regular reader of alt.conspiracy.  A family member started to show me pamphlets of information dealing with sovereign citizenship.  Income Taxes being illegal and voluntary, social security, driver’s licenses are not required, dollars are not real money, and the list goes on and on.  It does not take much of a conspiracy link to jump from the paranormal to the paralegal I guess.  The groups were nothing more than loosely organized meetings at cheap hotel conference rooms or condo clubhouse conference rooms.  The incidents at Ruby Ridge and the stand-off in Waco Texas just happened. 


god wills itIt also became very frighteningly evident that these people literally believed that they were authorized by their God to assume the throne over the government and be sovereign above all.  Sound familiar yet?




Here is a quick example of one of their more outlandish illogical gems: The Declaration of Independence says “all men are created equal”…  But since it does not say anything about “women being equal”, women are essentially second class citizens.  Sound familiar to the typical fundamentalist Christian assertion about women being subservient and nothing more than property?  The person explaining this had the look on their face that they had just discovered the secrets to quantum string theory and that I should be incredibly proud to be in their presence.


I quickly came to my rational senses on April 19th, 1995 when Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.  Several of these “patriots” were overjoyed by the death toll.  I dropped all contact and materials from these people and started to take a hard look at my beliefs. 

It is difficult to describe the psychological issues that some of these people possess, but the following video does a great job:



This is video perfectly showcases the raw arrogance, impotent child rage, and inflated sense of narcissistic superiority Sovereign Citizens are afflicted with.  Don’t believe me?  The cameraman was the one that originally posted the video because he believes that he was in the right and being oppressed.  The tazing at the end is highly satisfying.

I could continue writing about these experiences, but the focus of this post is about a Craigslist ad I spotted in the wild.



October 2014 Sighting

SC - craigslist post



While browsing Craigslist, I stumbled across this absolute gem of an ad titled Sovereign / Diplomatic Immunity Program.  The ad was posted on other Craigslist metros as well.

Just in case the post is removed, I have preserved the ad and images in all their hideous glory.


The Posted Ad

Sovereign / Diplomatic Immunity Program
(Operated by an Irrevocable Express Trust under Common Law)

Ok, so here we go.  Sovereign / Diplomatic Immunity…. Sovereign…  Immunity… Irrevocable… Common?  Tell me more!


1. Introduction to freedom / Treasury pack

a. Being a Sovereign/Diplomat requires time, dedication and a fearless attitude.
b. The retainer for the first 5 freedom Documents or Treasury pack is $5000.00 payable by MONEY ORDER OR CASHIER’S CHECK ONLY.
c. The retainer covers the first 5 freedom documents, the initial meeting, and a 60min contracted session for consultation. If you decide not to proceed there is a non-refundable consultation FEE of $400.00 for the information dissemination.
d. The one hour long introductory seminar can be scheduled at any time after the retainer is paid in full at that time the documents will be prepared and ready for submission.
e. ALL Clients are responsible for delivery of said documents to the post office for further delivery and responsible for keeping several copies of documents.

The so-called “retainer” for fiat moneyStage #1 is a paltry fee of $5,000 USD payable by money order or cashier’s check only.  There is also a non-refundable “consultation fee” of $400 if you decide they are a bunch of loons and you want to bail.  Alarm bells going off yet? 

All suckers clients are expected to send their documents through the US Post Office themselves.  I would expect that the sellers of this service do not want to be the ones linked with filing frivolous legal documents that could potentially land one of their clients in jail with serious legal penalties.  If they were so confident of their legal assertions, would they not perform these tasks themselves and provide legal counsel to their clients?  That would also mean that these people have actual law degrees.


2. The one hour seminar will inform the client of the process of becoming free from the “system” combing the UCC process, Notice to all parties’ packet, Diplomatic Duties, Diplomatic Passport info, Birth Certificate process and five minute introduction to Express Trusts Procedures, and becoming a Secured Party Creditor.

So the end result of Stage #1 for $5000: You get a short 60 minute review of how to free yourself from the system, a packet of photocopied materials, and a whopping 5 minute intro to Express Trusts and how to become a Secured Party Creditor.

A Secured Party Creditor is part of the Redemption Movement conspiracy theory that goes arm and arm skipping along with Sovereign Citizenship.  Sovereign Citizens get off love to decry US Dollars (Federal Reserve Notes) as fiat money and that the only legal tender is silver and gold.   But here they are more than happy to take $5,000 USD out of your wallet to sell their “services”.


a. The second stage of the Freedom process is the second set of document totaling 10 documents, A World Diplomatic Passport, World Treaty (ies), Various Bonds, and Bills of Exchange.

b. Each one of our documents has come directly from the first 15 year Sovereign Ex-federal judge.(Georgia)

Sweet!  Time to level up!!!!   Stage #2 gets you a grand total of 10 documents!  Awesome-sauce!

Wow!  An ex-Federal Judge that has been a Sovereign Citizen for 15 years no less.  Why no mention of their legal expert’s name here?  Georgia has experience dealing with Sovereign Citizens. Here are a few examples:

  • August 2010, authorities began to focus on a group of squatters who were using sovereign citizen tactics to take foreclosed homes using phony quit-claim deeds. [ article ]
  • March 2014, Susan Weidman and Matthew Lowery were sentenced for illegally attempting to use frivolous court filings and squatting to take possession of homes.  [ article ]
  • June 2014, Dennis Marx attempted to ram his SUV into the Forsyth County Courthouse.  Within 90 seconds, Marx was shot and killed by deputies, despite wearing body armor.  He was carrying buckets of homemade explosives, ammunition, smoke grenades, and supplies for the purpose of occupying the courthouse and taking hostages.  [ article and video ]
  • October 2014 – Chadrus Brown uses “sovereign citizen” defense against charges he raped a 9 year old girl.  The jury took 30 minutes to convict and Brown has been sentenced to four consecutive life sentences, plus 60 years in prison without parole.  [ article ]


c. The title and description of these documents will be discussed in the one hour seminar.
d. This is for the protection of the client and the organization.

Yup.  Would not want even a limited description of what is being sold posted online.  Remember class, this is for YOUR protection!


e. The cost for stage two is $10,000 dollars USD payable by MONEY ORDER OR CASHIER’S CHECK. This second payment will bring the client up to achieving 75% of jurisdictional freedom and immunity.
f. This stage will give the client a sovereign/diplomatic status however we DO NOT SUGGEST that the new Sovereign stop at stage two as stage three is generally the most important!

Stage #2 will only set you back the skimpy sum of an additional $10,000.00 USD.  Sorry, no PayPal or BitCoins accepted! 

Now your Sovereign uber-Powers will only be charged up to 75% of jurisdictional freedom and immunity!  But you DO have sovereign/diplomatic status!

Don’t stop now!  Stage #3 is generally the most important and right around the corner!


3. Stage Three Trusts and Courtroom Techniques and Procedures

a. This is the final stage to the diplomatic program and can range from $10,000 -$100,000.00

Stage #3 gets just slightly more expensive with a price tag ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 USD.


b. This stage includes the creation of a new Irrevocable Express trust UNDER DIVINE Law.
c. Express trusts are not under U.S. Jurisdiction nor is the Diplomat under this program within the jurisdiction of any government, this entity operates completely autonomously.

This is of course complete and total bullshit.  Divine Law has absolutely nothing to do with Trust laws.  This is simply a quick glimpse of where the SCs infuse their conspiracy theories with religious elements to justify their beliefs.  I could not find anywhere in the Bible that God and Jesus started up a law firm and were selling Irrevocable Express Trusts or Diplomatic Immunity Badges.


d. The creation of an express trust is for a limited time $30,000.00 for the year of 2014.

e. These are the type of business entities popular with the royal/political families.
f. The third stage package contains a wide price range because of the immense variety of documents and resources that we have available from Courtroom Techniques, Credit Solutions, Wealth Management, Debt Management, Media, and Debt Solutions.

Limited time only!  Create your Express Trust for an additional $30,000.


g. The client can setup up an appt. for $400.00 with HRH one or Hrh two too discuss individual fees for products and services offered in the Third Stage.

h. This appt. will include a consultation and a choice of one of our Software Packages and a complete copy of court templates.

 Additional $400 a pop charges for one-on-one meetings to discuss other products and services?  They want to charge you to learn more about what they are selling?  WTF?


The Prestige and Exclusivity of The Diplomatic Program is to be maintained by any client and all clients will be screened and qualified beforehand.
Financing available for qualified applicants.

So how much does the total Sovereign / Diplomatic Immunity Program cost?

To achieve complete Prestige and Exclusivity from all three stages a “client” would pay anywhere (not including the $400 per side meetings) anywhere between….

$55,000.00 to $145,000.00 USD! 




The Post Images

The resolution of the Craigslist images were not very high on the legal documents.  However, the resolution IS high enough to pick up certain elements in the images…  like names and addresses.  😀


A quick look at the images zoomed in the following name and address are clearly visible.

  • Name: Robert Issac Fowler, unincorporated
  • Address: 3305 Bagley Passage (aka Moye Trl) in Duluth, GA  30097


What can we discover with just these two pieces of blurry information and public search engines?  Do we find out anything about the potential person(s) behind the Craigslist ad?



Robert Issac Fowlerfowler - hrh linkedin pic


Securities and Exchange Commission Complaint

SEC vs Robert Fowler and US Capital Funding II Series Trust 1, Inc.  The SEC accuses Fowler of a prime bank scheme where he targeted foreign-born investors.


The Fowler Mansionfowler - mansion

Yes, the property was actually referred to as The Fowler Mansion and for unknown reasons, appeared in tons of empty event venue type search results, and occasionally used as a party pad.  The property was purchased in 2007 for $1.9m and recently sold in foreclosure for $1m.



Keep on Truck’in!quick transport solutions

I found this discovery rather humorous.  Apparently Mr. Fowler was LICENSED as a US Department of Transportation carrier (#2402637). 

Hold on.  Wait a minute.  The Craigslist document images contain dates and the DOT license date comes AFTER these “sovereign” activities.   Isn’t this a super massive Sovereign Citizen no-no?

The DOT public website details the status.  Revoked – Refusal of Audit / No Contact.

fowler - truckin 2




Pulling it all Togethercl post pic 00 - fowler

You may have noticed the two references of “HRH” in the Craigslist ad and then again all over Mr. Fowler’s social media.  What is this you ask?  HRH is the abbreviation for “His Royal Highness“.  Yes, we’ve reached a new plateau of sovereign infused narcissism and delusion.

So is Mr. Fowler the same person that posted the Craigslist ad?

  • The LinkedIn Profile is a confusing mess that would take ages to sort through.  But here are some of the odder bits.
    • Currently still working as CEO of U.S. Capital Investments II…. in Hong Kong.  If Fowler is currently doing big high level asset monetization in Hong Kong, why is he posting Craigslist ads in Atlanta and Columbia?
    • If Fowler was the CEO of Friendware from 1993 to 1998… why was he accused of spamming people in 2000Again in 2003?  According to LinkedIn he was a Vice President at Bear Stearns from 1999 to March 2001.
    • The list of publications reads like the Fiction section at Barnes and Noble.fowler - linked in bio renetics.jpg
      • Claiming to spend $19.4B in entertainment industry job creation.  So what about the awards show?  No details of it ever actually happening.  One World Media is described here as “An irrevocable Express Trust under Common Law”.
      • Funding a product called BIO-RENETICS which claims to be an anti-aging formula made from all natural ingredients harvested from where the Garden of Eden existed.  WTF?  YouTube
  • Mr. Fowler’s has several social media profiles such as HRH David II, DJCasanovaNY, and others.  The shoddy crest image with the white surrender flags appears in the Craigslist ad and several of the Facebook pages.

    • If you are brave enough to scroll through the timelines and likes for these pages you will be treated to absolute deluge of royalty figures, media celebrities, tons of female models, Christian religious groups (Evangelists, Focus on the Family, Rick Warren, the 700 Club, and others), Freemasons, Numerology, sovereign freedom type pages (How to Disappear Forever, etc.), NRA and military pages, and other annoying things (like uber-bigot Steve Harvey).
  • Mr. Fowler posted the following to Facebook in 2013:

fowler - fb post 1


Is Mr. Robert Fowler and U.S. Capital Funding II in the business of selling Sovereign Citizen / Diplomatic Immunity packages?


Update 10/15/14

@jjmacnab pointed out that Fowler is not new to sovereign schemes with a link to the Quatloos forums.

twitter - jj macnab reply


twitter pic 01