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Month: October 2014

Sovereign Citizen Ad Promises Diplomatic Immunity

Sovereign Citizens.  The dangerous combination of far right wing idiocy, extreme Christian fundamentalism, legal brainlessness, and 10 metric shit-tons of narcissistic arrogance.   What is a Sovereign Citizen?  Please read the Wikipedia Article first to get some background and context.  More info can be found at the Southern Poverty Law Center: The ideas of the “sovereign citizens” movement originate in the ideology of the Posse Comitatus, an anti-Semitic group that raged through the Midwest in the late 1970s and 1980s. Sovereign citizens claim that they are not subject to most taxes, are not citizens of the United States (but instead are “non-resident aliens”), cannot be tried for crimes in which there is no complaining victim, and are only subject to “common law courts,” a sort of people’s tribunal with no lawyers. Most refuse to obtain Social Security cards, register their vehicles, carry driver’s licenses or use zip codes; many refer to UCC-107, a part of the Uniform Commercial Code, to justify their bizarre claims; and some use weird forms of punctuation between their middle and last names in all kinds of documents.   [ source and more info ]   Personal Experience with Sovereign Citizens I will try to add a little detail on my own experience with Sovereign Citizens.  Back in the early 90s I had my first exposure to Sovereign Citizenship.  I was in my 20s and had...

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Psychic Didn’t See It Coming

Pam Ragland’s desperate attempts for public attention and notoriety have thankfully diminished over time as she focuses her intuitive powers on her legal troubles with US Bank.  A recent FB post details new woes and drama where she claims to be renting a house that may have been illegally foreclosed on by Wells Fargo Bank.    They have already illegally tried to kick me out once.  I responded to their “unlawful detainer” with a 58 page reply and they immediately withdrew.  Tonight I noticed they are trying to sell this house AGAIN.    Try to set aside the foreclosure and banking drama for a moment to correlate these claims with Ragland’s previous nonsense.    Ragland’s very own repackaged version of the Law of Attraction known as Quantum Thought Shifting apparently did not empower her intuition powers enough to research the property she intended to rent? Ragland has previously claimed to have the dubious ability to speak to the dead and have visions.  Apparently the dead decided to remain silent on warning her that she was about to move into a distressed property situation again?   After so many years of legal battles with US Bank you would expect an all powerful self-proclaimed intuitive psychic such as Pam Ragland to be able to avoid such entanglements. Apparently not.  ...

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