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Month: July 2014

Spiritual Cleansing Rapist Sentenced

Albeto Ramirez was finally sentenced to 45 years to life in prison for raping two women after luring them to motel rooms for “spiritual cleansings”.   Original story:

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Faux-Psychic Continues to Exploit Murdered Child

As the grim anniversary of the death of Terry Smith approaches, Pam Ragland takes yet another opportunity to shamelessly exploit his murder for her own narcissistic attention. Here is the original Terry Smith story and Ragland’s unbelievable claims: Woman With ‘Visions’ Claims to Find Missing Boy This latest Facebook post goes beyond vile and disgusting.  Almost a year ago using my intuition I found a missing boy Terry Smith in 2 hours, when hundreds of searchers had been looking 4 days. After careful review of the events surrounding Ragland’s involvement with the Terry Smith search, the ever changing details of her story, her previous attempts to insert herself into the media, and her own constant self-promotion…  there really is little doubt that her claims are complete garbage and simply a disgusting tool to draw attention to her snake oil business endeavors.   I was all over the media across the world. Yup.  Because she immediately found as many journalists as she could and then blasted news of her alleged exploits across Twitter and Facebook.  These are not the actions of a reluctant volunteer.  Remember, the search for Terry Smith was NOT the first time (or the most recent psychic vision bomb) Ragland attempted to jump in front of the media during a search for missing persons.  Here’s a hint, her “psychic abilities” didn’t find them either.   … they...

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