Quantum quackster Pam Raglandmind - ragland tshirt company may have finally found a new scheme product line to aid her efforts to lighten the wallets of her oblivious followers.  Since the business of making public psychic predictions has bombed out and the only source of attention apparently is her fight with the big banks, a new direction (not found anywhere else on this planet) must be promoted!


In a recent FB post, Ragland now claims the ability to infuse clothing with her healing energy.  In this case, her autistic son has trouble sleeping and after putting her “powerful healing in his shirt” he fell back asleep….  at midnight.


Ragland of course realizes that this has HUGE implications for her bank account and invites her followers to share the news with anyone who has a child with autism, aspergers, or ADD/ADHD.


So you can probably expect a whole marketing blitz from Ragland’s Quantum T-Shirt Co. soon!  Healing energy clothing in a variety of colors, sizes, and adorned with narcissistic faux-spiritual nonsense.


New t-shirt super powers could also include: Attract Money, Find Love, Success in Business, Cure Additions, etc.  Or just a simple copy/paste from Ragland’s Quantum Thought Shifting claims.


Sadly, there will always be people that buy into this type of woo-woo nonsense and could potentially put their children at risk by foregoing legitimate reality based sources of diagnosis and treatment.