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Ragland Shrieks

Anti-Vaccination conspiracies are now Pam Ragland’s short term topic of interest since nobody is paying any attention to her failing psychic abilities.

Ragland shrieked out a very lengthy Facebook share (click image for full size) on her timeline titled “The Murdering of Our Daughters”.


 *** PLEASE READ AND SHARE IF YOU HAVE OR KNOW SOMEONE WITH A TEEN GIRL!!! *** I had not idea the DEATH RATE from #Gardasil is 1 in every 900+ girls while the Cervical Cancer it purports to prevent is 1 in every 40,000 women. ANY DEATHS ARE TOO MANY.


The full text of the shared post is minimized in the image on the right, but when expanded it unleashes a ton of WTF links and videos.  This post focuses on two aspects of this FB share:

  • Where Pam Ragland and others are getting their information.
  • Skeptical review of “The Murdering of Our Daughters” article text, links, and videos.


On to Ragland’s shrieking FB share….

mind - simpsons think of the childrenThe image of the scary needle and the faces of the eight teenage girls is officially stamped with a logo from “The Liberty Beacon”….  not a medical institute or research study group.

One of Pam Ragland’s own page followers is the first to respond with links to Snopes and Forbes that easily debunk these claims. 

Do any of the follow-up commentators even acknowledge that other information (you know, with actual verifiable facts) was posted?  Nope!




One of the most prolific studies on the Gardasil vaccine belongs to the Journal of the American Medical Association, (JAMA.) This study circulated in 2009 and supported the following facts:

  • Since the HPV vaccine was approved, the vast majority (94%) of adverse events reported to VAERS after receiving this vaccine have not been serious. An adverse event is considered serious if it is life threatening, or results in death, permanent disability, abnormal conditions at birth, hospitalization or prolonged hospitalization.
  • The most common events reported were:Of the 12,424 reports of adverse events, 772 (6% of all reports) described serious adverse events, including 32 reports of deaths.
  • The 32 death reports were reviewed and there was no common pattern to the deaths that would suggest they were caused by the vaccine. In cases where there was an autopsy, death certificate, or medical records, the cause of death could be explained by factors other than the vaccine. Some causes of death determined to date include diabetes, viral illness, illicit drug use, and heart failure.
  • There were two reports of unusual neurological illness (per autopsy, probable variants of Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”) that resulted in the death of two young females. There is no current evidence suggesting that the HPV vaccine caused these illnesses, but researchers from several highly regarded academic centers are studying the cases.
  • There was increased reporting of syncope and pulmonary emboli (blood clots of the lungs) compared with what has been found for other vaccines given to females of the same age. Of the people who had blood clots 90% had a known risk factor for blood clots, such as taking oral contraceptives (birth control pills). VAERS reports cannot prove the vaccine caused the adverse event in women with these risk factors. However, this finding needs further investigation.



If this is the type of misinformation that Pam Ragland’s intuition drives her to believe and then immediately turn around and instruct her followers, where does the information come from?

The two starting points appear to be CancerTruth and The Liberty Beacon.

Who doesn’t like a little Truth and Liberty in the morning???

Let’s find out what CancerTruth is all about shall we?  <<le click>>


mind - cancertruth fb


Hooooooly shiiiiiit.  not-this-shit-again A frightened baby behind a row of rusty needles, 9/11 explosions, and screaming army bros.  Well lookie here..  Another quackster selling their shit to the vulnerable and ignorant.

My browser has a great plugin installed called Web of Trust (WOT), which tracks website reputation and reviews.  Visiting Ty Bollinger’s website, reveals the WOT site review.


More on Ty Bollinger: “The Truth About Cancer” Series is Untruthful About Cancer


What about The Liberty Beacon?  That sound patriotic!  Who doesn’t love America!?!  <<le click>>


mind - libertybeacon fb


OMG Ponies and Patriotism!!!tumblr_lhr1osm5il1qb59nf

Uh oh.  Falling Darkness?  Sounds ominous.

I wonder what that is all about…. <<scrolling down the timeline>>

  • Anti-vaccination, arsenic, and fluoride nonsense
  • Enthusiastic support for Nevada’s Cliven Bundy and the militias supporting his actions
  • A shit-ton of various other insane paranoid conspiracy theory themes (New World Order, etc.)… including my personal favorites: Chemtrails, Tax Protestors, and Sovereign Citizenship.

mind - real americansWhen visiting their main website at, WOT reported back a number of negative site reviews that are worth the read.

Liberty Beacon’s articles and rehashed posts from previous years follow the typical paranoid conspiracy theory path.   The Falling Darkness site appears to be a “Conspiracy-Lite” edition, where the amounts of “crazy” have been watered down to lower levels.  This may be a way to engage moderate readers and still insert a number of their conspiracy theories.


SkeptVet: “Anti-Vaccine Activists and Conservative Christians vs HPV Vaccination


So if you began your skeptical journey into WTF-land from Pam Ragland’s post, it only takes 1-2 clicks before arriving at batshiat crazy town.


The worst part of the stunning willful ignorance when faced with outright misinformation is perfectly captured in the last user comment of Ragland’s shared post.


pam ragland - murdering our daughters final comment

Thanks Pam! </s>



The Murdering of Our Daughters Review


The Murdering of Our Healthy Society


Almost all of the links attached to the Facebook share were flagged by Web of Trust as “Misleading Claims or Untrustworthy”.  Shocking right?


The Murdering of Our Daughter’s  — by Dave Hodges

“I just wish someone had warned me about #Gardasil……. My Jasmine would still be here with us.” ~ Rhonda Renata (mother of Jasmine Renata)

According to the mother of Jasmine Renata, aged 18, her daughter was murdered by #Merck. There was no autopsy, no official recrimination of Merck, just a grieving mother left to bury her only daughter.

Unfortunately, this scenario is being played out time and time again and nobody is holding Merck criminally accountable for the all-to-deadly results of Gardasil. The reckless use of this killer vaccine continues unabated despite the fact that Merck was recently ordered to pay six million dollars to another parent of a daughter that was murdered by Gardasil.

Read More Here:

Dave Hodges apparently runs The Common Sense Show.  While WOT does not have a site review at the moment, the topics and opinions are nearly identical to CancerTruth and Liberty Beacon.  Hyper fundamentalist christian conspiracy nonsense.

In regards to Rhonda and Jasmine Renata;


Real Life Stories From Vaccine Injured Girls: – WOT site review


Young woman’s ovaries destroyed by Gardasil: Merck ‘forgot to research’ effects of vaccine on female reproduction: – Rational Wiki reviewWeb of Trust Site ReviewSkeptoid ranks Natural News as the #1 anti-science website, beating out Answers in Genesis.  O.o


Gardasil Researcher Speaks Out:


Does Gardasil Actually Increase Your Risk of Cervical Cancer?

Joseph Mercola –Rational Wiki article on Joseph Mercola, WOT site review, and Skeptic’s Dictionary page.


Gardasil Destroys Girl’s Ovaries: Research on Ovaries Never Considered:

Wait what?  This one again?  Duplicate from from above.


Merck Researcher Admits: Gardasil Guards Against Almost Nothing:

Population Research Institute – Overpopulation Awareness has an interesting video (embedded below) that describes the PRI as a well funded right wing religious group opposed to contraception, family planning, and abortion.   PRI has also incorrectly suggested that overpopulation is a myth despite the scientific consensus that humans are using resources.  WOT site review.


SkeptVet has a great post “Anti-Vaccine Activists and Conservative Christians vs HPV Vaccination“.

The highly biased article itself is simply another Diane Harper rehash that has been refuted at and other sites.


Merck’s Former Doctor Predicts that Gardasil will Become the Greatest Medical Scandal of All Time:

Health Impact News Daily – WOT Review


Lead Gardasil Vaccine Creator Confesses to Clear Conscience:

The Daily Sheeple – WOT Review

Another duplicate rant concerning Dr. Harper which has been previously debunked here and here.


Oncology Dietitian Exposes Fraud in CDC’s HPV Vaccine Effectiveness Study:

Mercola –Rational Wiki article on Joseph Mercola, WOT site review.

The references Mercola cites even in the first few paragraphs are bewildering.

Most recently, an oncology dietitian pointed out significant discrepancies2 in a new HPV vaccine effectiveness study published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases, which evaluated data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES), 2003-2006 and 2007-2010.

“pointed out significant discrepancies”?  The citation points to a dead MarketWatch page?  Ok. does not have it saved.  Searching for the hyperlink keywords turned up a working link at Judicial Watch.  The article only details statistics from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  Nothing about an oncology dietician pointing out significant discrepancies of anything.


HPV Gardasil Vaccine Proves Lethal – 140 Girls have now Died VIDEO LINK:

This video was created by The National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW).  Skepdic has a very interesting background article on the group and it’s founder, Eileen Dannemann.


Gardasil deceptions hide true numbers of deaths and injuries:

This is another rehashed compilation of nonsense from other misleading articles written by Tony Isaacs.  Mr. Isaacs and his partner Luella May apparently make their living by selling their wares and dangerous medical advice, such as promoting Oleander Soup to treat cancer, AIDS, and hepatitis.


US government spending $500k to push HPV vaccine that keeps killing young women: was detailed above as an untrustworthy source of information.  The sources for their information?  Sanevax and a new one…


Japan withdraws support for HPV vaccines due to infertility side effects:


30 stunning facts they don’t want you to know about Gardasil and HPV vaccines:

The ever spooky “they” finally appears and of course the “facts” do not have any citations or external sources… except for NaturalNews referencing PrisonPlanet, InfoWars, and….  NaturalNews again.


HPV Vaccine Maker’s Study Proves Natural HPV Infection Beneficial, Not Deadly: – WOT site review.


Dr. Russell Blaylock exposes criminal fraud of Gardasil, HPV vaccinations:

RationalWiki and Skeptic’s Dictionary both have background information on Russell Blaylock.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Tells the Truth About the Vaccine Government Cover-Up
Part 1:
Part 2:


The Truth About the Gardasil Vaccine by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Sherri Tenpenny – WOT site review


42% of Drug Reactions Are Vaccine Related, Groundbreaking Chinese Study Finds: – WOT site review.

More info on the author, Sayer Ji;


Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines Movie dire – A Gary Null Production FULL LENGTH VIDEO:

Gary Null – Wikipedia page, Quack Watch results, RationalWiki page,

A Critical Look at Gary Null’s Activities and Credentials –

Gary Null claims the manufacturer of his own “Ultimate Power Meal” overloaded the supplements with Vitamin D that nearly killed him. [linky]



Exposed: The Truth About Vaccines (Too Many Links to Count! This is one of the most comprehensive pages on the dangers of vaccines on the internet):

Absolutely too many links to count or review in just one sitting!  This is a massive WTF shitball compilation of misleading and dangerous unscientific health information, ridiculous conspiracy theories, and outright misinformation from such dubious sources as NaturalNews, Mercola, and many others.