UPDATE, APRIL 22, 5:24 P.M.: Alberto Flores Ramirez was convicted today of raping two women on separate occasions in a Santa Ana motel where he conducted “spiritual
cleansing” rituals.  His sentencing is set for June 13.


Alberto ramirezFlores Ramirez is on trial this week, accused of sexually assaulting two women in early 2012.

Ramirez, 39, of San Clemente, met a 33-year-old married woman through the Badoo social networking website and arranged a face-to-face April 3, 2012, at a Santa Ana McDonald’s, where he allegedly promised he could help her bringing her children to California from Mexico through his egg wash.

This so-called “spiritual cleansing ritual” would “get rid of bad vibes” that were preventing the mother from being reunited with her two children Ramirez told her, according to Deputy District Attorney Whitney Bokosky’s opening statement to jurors.

After going to a 99-cent store to pick up eggs and other items to be used in the ritual and dining at a McDonald’s, they drove to Santa Ana’s Aloha Motel, where Ramirez rubbed eggs on the woman and used photos of the daughters in the ritual.

When he told her it was not working, he had her strip down to her underwear, began fondling her and, over the threat that “something really bad will happen” if she did not capitulate, raped her, alleged Bokosky, who claimed Ramirez later apologized and said he was “overcome by her beauty.”

A second victim came forward shortly after the story was first reported.

Ramirez is facing two counts of rape and four other sexual offense charges, that could result in 75 years to life in prison if convicted.