ragland - autism vax


Pam Ragland has been rather quiet since August when her last batch of psychic predictions completely bombed.

When Pam is not peddling her quantum woo, she is typically railing against bank foreclosures and her battle with US Bank.  In a recent Facebook post, Ragland takes a little time to insist that Foreclosures are a factor at “worsening symptoms” of Autism.  Umm, wat?

In the post comments, a follower asks if there is a “Vaccination link” in regards to Autism.  Pam took a few days but could not resist replying with “yes for sure even though they say there isn’t!!!  I can measure it.”

Pam Ragland claims that she can measure the the link between vaccinations and Autism?  How exactly?  What scientific process does she use?  Why are researchers not knocking down her door seeking her guidance?  More quantum bullshit.


Ragland has not been very forthcoming on her anti-vaccination intuition beliefs in past posts but this small snippet speaks volumes on the the delusional thought processes at work.