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Month: April 2014

The Murdering of Our Daughters (Reviewed)

Anti-Vaccination conspiracies are now Pam Ragland’s short term topic of interest since nobody is paying any attention to her failing psychic abilities. Ragland shrieked out a very lengthy Facebook share (click image for full size) on her timeline titled “The Murdering of Our Daughters”.    *** PLEASE READ AND SHARE IF YOU HAVE OR KNOW SOMEONE WITH A TEEN GIRL!!! *** I had not idea the DEATH RATE from #Gardasil is 1 in every 900+ girls while the Cervical Cancer it purports to prevent is 1 in every 40,000 women. ANY DEATHS ARE TOO MANY.   The full text of the shared post is minimized in the image on the right, but when expanded it unleashes a ton of WTF links and videos.  This post focuses on two aspects of this FB share: Where Pam Ragland and others are getting their information. Skeptical review of “The Murdering of Our Daughters” article text, links, and videos.   On to Ragland’s shrieking FB share…. The image of the scary needle and the faces of the eight teenage girls is officially stamped with a logo from “The Liberty Beacon”….  not a medical institute or research study group. One of Pam Ragland’s own page followers is the first to respond with links to Snopes and Forbes that easily debunk these claims.  Do any of the follow-up commentators even acknowledge that other information (you know, with actual...

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Spiritual Cleansing Rapist on Trial

UPDATE, APRIL 22, 5:24 P.M.: Alberto Flores Ramirez was convicted today of raping two women on separate occasions in a Santa Ana motel where he conducted “spiritual cleansing” rituals.  His sentencing is set for June 13.   Alberto Flores Ramirez is on trial this week, accused of sexually assaulting two women in early 2012. Ramirez, 39, of San Clemente, met a 33-year-old married woman through the Badoo social networking website and arranged a face-to-face April 3, 2012, at a Santa Ana McDonald’s, where he allegedly promised he could help her bringing her children to California from Mexico through his egg wash. This so-called “spiritual cleansing ritual” would “get rid of bad vibes” that were preventing the mother from being reunited with her two children Ramirez told her, according to Deputy District Attorney Whitney Bokosky’s opening statement to jurors. After going to a 99-cent store to pick up eggs and other items to be used in the ritual and dining at a McDonald’s, they drove to Santa Ana’s Aloha Motel, where Ramirez rubbed eggs on the woman and used photos of the daughters in the ritual. When he told her it was not working, he had her strip down to her underwear, began fondling her and, over the threat that “something really bad will happen” if she did not capitulate, raped her, alleged Bokosky, who claimed Ramirez later apologized and...

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Autism and Foreclosures

Pam Ragland has been rather quiet since August when her last batch of psychic predictions completely bombed. When Pam is not peddling her quantum woo, she is typically railing against bank foreclosures and her battle with US Bank.  In a recent Facebook post, Ragland takes a little time to insist that Foreclosures are a factor at “worsening symptoms” of Autism.  Umm, wat? In the post comments, a follower asks if there is a “Vaccination link” in regards to Autism.  Pam took a few days but could not resist replying with “yes for sure even though they say there isn’t!!!  I can measure it.” Pam Ragland claims that she can measure the the link between vaccinations and Autism?  How exactly?  What scientific process does she use?  Why are researchers not knocking down her door seeking her guidance?  More quantum bullshit.   Ragland has not been very forthcoming on her anti-vaccination intuition beliefs in past posts but this small snippet speaks volumes on the the delusional thought processes at...

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