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thought shifting - it does it all


In this chapter of the review, we will take a rational look at what Pam Ragland claims her brand of Thought Shifting can accomplish.


>> April 2015 UPDATE  <<

Apparently Pam Ragland has taken down all the posted content at pamraglandsblog.com.  Her blog posts went back almost a decade detailing her many incredible healing claims.  Ragland may ‘intend’ to wash away many of the more ridiculous claims that were linked in the review below, which were conveniently missing.

Unfortunately for Pam Ragland, the Internet does not always forget and thanks to Archive.org, all of Pam’s missing posts and claims have been restored.

The links in this review have been updated to accurately reference to Pam Ragland’s Thought Shifting claims.  Several new claims have also been added to the list that were previously missed.


What Can’t Thought Shifting Do?

According to Pam Ragland’s many websites, blog posts, podcasts, and videos; her version of Thought Shifting can heal, fix, repair, erase, change, update, or otherwise alter:


19Physical HealthCancer (11/19 podcast)(8/30 post), Stroke (3/10 post), Fybromyalga, Infertility (4/3 podcast), Weight Loss, Allergies, Gluten Sensitivity, Multiple Sclerosis (11/19 podcast), Disease, Back Pain (1/28 podcast), Depression, Anxiety, Prevent Early Physical Aging, Brain Injury (6/2 post), Help sleeping, Illness, Hair Loss (11/2 podcast), Stop Early Aging (6/30 post), Chronic Pain (6/29 post), Battle Major Disease (8/30 post), Lose Weight (12/2 post)(2/28 post), Chronic Back Pain (5/29 post)


Mental Healthsurprised wide open mouth – Autism (6/13 post), ADD, ADHD (6/23 post)(3/4 post)(1/25 post)(5/23 post), Agoraphobia (10/21 post), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (10/23 post), Bi-Polar, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Anxiety (11/19 podcast), Depression (12/11 podcast), Suicide, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (3/4 post), Trauma from Rape, Abuse, Molestation, Child Abuse, Poor Memory (7/23 post), Bi-Polar, muddled brain (2/16 post), Abuse, Molestation (12/12 post), anxiety, depression, obsession (2/14 post), Childhood abuse and trauma (5/23 post), Overwhelmed in Crowds, self-esteem (7/24 post), Eating Disorders: Anorexia, Bulimia, distorted body image, body dysmorphic order


Addictions17Drugs, Alcohol (8/8 post), Gambling, Sex, Workaholic (7/14 post), Narcotic Patch, Shopping, Emotional Eating (12/11 podcast), Food, Heroin and Methadone (1/11 podcast), Prescription Drugs (6/29 post), Prescription Painkillers (12/18 post), Cigarettes, Cocaine, Pot, Internet, Caffeine, Adrenaline


Money!$!$!21Make more money (3/28 post), higher paying customers, deserving more money (3/10 post), fear of wealth, women making money, Deserving money, make money with your purpose (9/23 post), Losing Money (5/10 podcast), Debt, More Debt (10/8 post), Clearing Debt (1/14 post), Out of work, Lost job, Internet Marketing (5/21 podcast), Starting a business, Writing a bestseller, make money after failed business (6/30 post), Financial Independence (10/23 post), fear of money (2/16 post), Spouse money issues, feeling stuck in retirement (7/14 post), Money Scams (12/2 post)


Self Improvement and RelationshipscanadianNagging and embarrassing thoughts (3/7 post), fear of success, fear of failure (10/15 post), fear (10/23 post), fear of removing negativity (9/23 post), fear of rejections (2/8 post), stress, procrastination, unable to focus (1/25 post), find the love of your life, staying motivated (6/2 post), feeling unworthy (1/25 post), abusive parent, purpose (4/3 podcast), feeling unloved (6/30 post)(7/5 post)disorganized, overwhelmed, ashamed (1/28 podcast), self confidence (1/11 podcast), feeling stuck, not achieving goals, feeling like a loser, being more successful (4/1 podcast), procrastination, disorganized (5/10 podcast), unloved (6/30 podcast), trust issues 6/23 podcast), insecurity, feeling misunderstood (6/2 podcast), perfectionism (10/21 post), fear of abandonment (2/8 post), fear of rejection and failure (12/7 post), fear of needles (4/15 post), nagging and embarrassing thoughts, self hatred, Bad habits (10/23 post), Basic Survival (1/28 podcast), Bullies (4/3 podcast), Temper Tantrums (6/29 podcast), Divorce, Cheating (6/30 podcast), Husband won’t travel (10/8 post), Husband Laid Off (10/23 post), sabotaging relationships, Self Esteem (12/11 podcast), Shame, Parent Loss, Parenting (11/12 podcast), Procrastination (2/14 post), Social Phobias (1/28 podcast), Dreams, Fear of Success (12/3 podcast), Care taking (3/31 podcast), Dating Same Sex (6/16 post), Passing negativity to kids (7/23 post), Keeping your New Years Resolutions (1/8 post), Lack of Confidence (10/23 post)(2/8 post), Expressing Emotions (2/14 post)


Nebulous and Vague23Negativity (5/29 post), Not putting yourself out there, Hitting a wall (7/23 post), Giving up your power (6/16 post), limiting your power (1/25 post)lack of time, unfulfilled work (7/2 post), lack of success, fear of removing negativity, purpose, letting go, being tricked (2/14 post), passion, abundance, living on purpose, expressing emotions, leaving a cult, judging, forgiveness, heart, resentment, powerlessness, holding yourself back, fear of trying, religious fear and conditioning (7/14 post), life purpose, block doctors, intimidated by men, bombarded, limiting your power, fear of doing purpose, conscious blocks (3/4 post)


Ridiculous Shifting™animated-meme-lol-smiley-emoticon Tsunami Victims, Terrorism Victims, Contaminated Pet Food Recalls, Raising your vibration (5/18 post), BP Oil Spill (8/30 post), Storm Sandy meditation, Japan Earthquake/Tsunami, Stop Hurricane Ernesto, Stop a forest fire (9/19 post), Stop Hurricane John (9/4 post), unsuccessfully attempt to rig a political election (11/6 post), detect portals of negative energy in the Middle East (1/8 post), Stop Nuclear War (4/8 post), Divine Political Instructions (10/23 post), Stop Islamic Terrorists (11/28 post), Armageddon (2/2 post)


That is an impressive delusional list of what Pam Ragland claims her brand of Thought Shifting can accomplish.

Over the last decade, Pam Ragland’s marketed brand of Thought Shifting has wildly expanded the alleged healing and curing claims to almost every single malady plaguing the entire human race.

Many of Ragland’s healing claims (Cancer, PTSD, MS, Heroin addiction, etc.) are for serious life threatening illnesses or addictions that would require serious medical professional attention and treatment.


While the Law of Attraction and Thought Shifting may appeal to people that are desperate and suffering serious health issues, there is little evidence to support the belief that you can “think” these issues away.  Most claims of evidence are either anecdotal, linked to the placebo effect, or motivated more by a ‘desire to believe’ than by any real scientific evidence.


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