Pam Ragland, the self described intuitive/healer/psychic that quite literally stumbled upon the deceased Terry Smith, refers to the core of her business/power/ability as Thought Shifting(TM).

What is this Thought Shifting?  What does Ragland claim it can do?  How does it work?

If you were unlucky enough to follow a link to Ragland’s Thought Shifting page, your eyes were violently assaulted with nearly eighty pages and over twenty two thousand words.

Between all the bad grammar and early-90s style clip art, there must be some solid information, detailed research, and data to explain Thought Shifting.  Let’s find out.


What is Thought Shifting?

To begin, let’s take a look at how Pam Ragland describes Thought Shifting.  Here is her first introductory commercial that appears on her website.



A longer more painful introduction video can be viewed here.

Here are a few links that attempt to explain Thought Shifting but contain a constant barrage of vague and confusing claims.


Thought Shifting Summarized

shifting picSo what does all that massive amount of uninformative mess actually communicate about Thought Shifting?

Here is an extremely trimmed down summary pieced together from Ragland’s pages:

  • Everything bad in your life and the world itself is caused by the hidden epidemic of your negative thoughts.
  • You can manifest everything you want EFFORTLESSLY by eliminating those negative thoughts that are in your way.
  • Eliminating those negative thoughts with visualizations and affirmations could take a lifetime (that’s hard!), so use Thought Shifting (that’s easy!) to identify the root cause of your challenge.
  • Energetically Thought Shift the issue to eliminate it to overwrite the thought-neural pathway-emotion.
  • Challenge any thinking that is no longer useful and install new intentions energetically so they are immediately and effortlessly available to you.
  • Raise your Frequency (aka your vibration).
  • Nobody else on the planet can help you with this new technology except for Pam Ragland.

Sounds incredible and too good to be true right?


Origins of Thought Shifting

chap 3 - divine intervention


Pam Ragland claims to have realized her “healing gift to remove all past negative baggage” back in 2004 and that she was “divinely told” to call it “Thought Shifting” and “Radical Thought Shifting” (currently called Quantum Thought Shifting™) when she removes it all. [source]

Apparently invisible entities recommend trademarks?

The divine guidance is what led Ragland to begin “measuring what stops you”, which nobody else on the planet has done.  Unsurprisingly, Ragland is the only one “in this industry” who has “scientifically quantified” what gets in your way.

Pam Ragland is absolutely correct here.  It is an industry.  Cast aside all the warm fuzzy new age woo and all you have here is an industry built upon complete unscientific nonsense and those that seek to profit from desperate individuals.

Ragland researches, studies, and becomes an expert in the hidden epidemic.

Where did Pam Ragland research and study?  According to her bio, she studied at:

  • CEO Space – A combination of conferences, networking events and trade shows, geared towards helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals through networking opportunities and coaching.  So… business marketing.
  • University of Phoenix


While Ragland claims that she is the only one on the planet that can provide these services, a quick Google or YouTube search yields many others that use the term “Thought Shifting” to describe the process of removing negativity and to sell their products/services.


Repackaging the Law of Attraction

the secretThe definition of Thought Shifting varies depending on the source, but according to Pam Ragland’s claims of removing negative thoughts is based on the Law of Attraction, which is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, there will be a positive or negative result.  People and thoughts are made from pure energy.  The Law of Attraction was heavily marketed in The Secret cash grab movie in 2006.

Here is a step-by-step guide via WikiHow on “How to Use the Law of Attraction“, complete with sappy pictures.


The Skeptic’s Dictionary has an excellent article on The Law of Attraction.  Review the additional links at the bottom of that page for more information sources on The Secret and the Law of Attraction.

The so-called law of attraction is the kind of law that many people will find attractive. It provides them with the illusion of having control over their lives. All I need to do is change my attitude and intentions and I’ll attract money like a magnet (or lose weight or whatever else it is I want to achieve). If it doesn’t work, it’s my fault because I didn’t genuinely change my attitude and intentions. Sound familiar? What is it that the faith healers say about those who don’t get healed? You didn’t have enough faith!

And remember: Anyone who tells you they have the secret to unlimited joy, health, money, relationships, love, youth, and everything else you have ever wanted, is lying to you. So, do not be fooled by any of the following Internet ads: Get Rich #1, Get Rich #2Get Rich #3, Get Rich #4, and Get Rich #5. What do they have in common? None of them tell you what you have to do to get rich quick. They do tell you that they are not MLM schemes. #3 (Eric with Kimberly) and #4 (Jan and Shane) have in common that they have testimonials from the same people. Another thing they have in common is that they, and others like them, all pay Google to list them when you search for “law of attraction.” Ask yourself: Who is attracted to people who run such ads or who promote such come-ons as “The Secret“? They attract people who aren’t like them but want to be like what they think these folks represent. And that is a pity.


Quantum Woo

Aside from thequantum all the things pseudoscience of The Secret; Pam Ragland, Abraham-Hicks, Deepak Chopra, and others increasingly insert words and terms that sound science and physics related to create an illusion of legitimacy.

In Pam Ragland’s case, the term that is constantly repeated is “Quantum”.  If you put the word Quantum in front of Thought Shifting, then there must be some major physics, math, and data behind it right?  NOPE!


Quantum woo and quantum mysticism are how concepts appears to be too incredible to believe, quantum physics is proposed to be the explanation.

Quantum woo is an attempt to piggy-back on the success and legitimacy of science by claiming quack ideas are rooted in accepted concepts in physics, combined with utter misunderstanding of these concepts and a sense of wonder at the amazing magic these misunderstandings would imply if true. A quick way to tell if a claim about quantum physics has scientific validity is to ask for the mathematics. If there isn’t any, it’s rubbish.

A quick way to tell if a claim about quantum physics has scientific validity is to ask for the mathematics. If there isn’t any, it’s rubbish.


Now we get a clearer vision picture of what Thought Shifting is copied based on.

Take the Law of Attraction, sprinkle in a little Quantum Woo to make it appear slightly different, and now you have yourself a new technology product that is unique and completely different than what any other person is providing.

Just kidding.

Quantum Thought Shifting is the same old Law of Attraction system; manifested, slightly altered, repackaged and marketed over and over again.

happy thoughts


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