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Month: October 2013

Review: Divine Design Creation Ministries

Updated: David Williams has abandoned the Divine Design Creation Ministries domain in February 2014.  All hyperlinks have been updated to Wayback Machine archived pages.  🙂   While searching for a web developer for a side project, I stumbled upon the website below that was actually in a contractor’s portfolio.  I could not even get through the first paragraph without laughing at the ignorant nonsense, so here is a review of the website and the ridiculous claims. .   A quick whois look-up reveals that the domain is owned by David Williams from Custer, South Dakota and was created in February 2011.  According to the Founder’s Bio page, David Williams was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida.  Soon after his parents divorced, his grandparents began to indoctrinate him in the church at age eleven.  After working with young people for twenty years, Williams arrives at the conclusion that evolution is to blame for so many kids are no longer serving his Lord.  He then sets out to teach creationism and formed Divine Design Creation Ministry, Inc.  (DDCM) .   Home Page Arriving at the home page our eyes are blessed assaulted with the following:   Is there dinosaurs in the Bible? In the beginning, the web was without form or grammar.   We will start by answering that question with a question. Attempting to answer a question with another question is never...

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Thought Shifting Review – 2. What Can It Do?

<- Previous Chapter – What is It?   In this chapter of the review, we will take a rational look at what Pam Ragland claims her brand of Thought Shifting can accomplish.   >> April 2015 UPDATE  << Apparently Pam Ragland has taken down all the posted content at  Her blog posts went back almost a decade detailing her many incredible healing claims.  Ragland may ‘intend’ to wash away many of the more ridiculous claims that were linked in the review below, which were conveniently missing. Unfortunately for Pam Ragland, the Internet does not always forget and thanks to, all of Pam’s missing posts and claims have been restored. The links in this review have been updated to accurately reference to Pam Ragland’s Thought Shifting claims.  Several new claims have also been added to the list that were previously missed.   What Can’t Thought Shifting Do? According to Pam Ragland’s many websites, blog posts, podcasts, and videos; her version of Thought Shifting can heal, fix, repair, erase, change, update, or otherwise alter:   Physical Health – Cancer (11/19 podcast)(8/30 post), Stroke (3/10 post), Fybromyalga, Infertility (4/3 podcast), Weight Loss, Allergies, Gluten Sensitivity, Multiple Sclerosis (11/19 podcast), Disease, Back Pain (1/28 podcast), Depression, Anxiety, Prevent Early Physical Aging, Brain Injury (6/2 post), Help sleeping, Illness, Hair Loss (11/2 podcast), Stop Early Aging (6/30 post), Chronic Pain (6/29 post),...

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