raglandHot on the heels of Pam Ragland’s disastrous failed “visions” about the location of kidnapped teenager Hannah Anderson, Inside Edition aired an interview with Ragland for a piece about the tragic search for Terry Smith in Menifee. 


Inside Edition: Did Psychic Powers Lead A Woman To The Discovery Of A Missing Boy?


The Inside Edition piece really goes all out to sensationalize and embellish elements of the search for Terry Smith to paint a dramatic picture of events.

Ragland said she was overwhelmed with a terrible sense of doom when she heard about the case in Menifee, California.

She told INSIDE EDITION, “I was overcome by grief, as I can put it. I started crying and I said, ‘Ok I am going to have to focus on this.’”

She said, “I saw this vision of him under a tree. The tree was very specific and there was a particular building that was very specific.”

According to Ragland’s earlier statements, she had her visions and became involved in the search after watching the non-stop local news coverage for almost two days.

It is very reasonable to expect that Ragland saw repeated video footage of the Smith family home, maps of the search area, and other key elements that rescuers were focusing on.

The article makes no mention of Ragland asking her daughter to telepathically “talk” to Terry Smith.

The “vision” of Terry Smith was previously stated as him “sleeping on his side”, not as deceased and buried in the ground up to his head.

The “particular building” has changed several times since the original story came out.  Originally the building was “an open shed” that was “near the Smith family home”.  [source]  In a different interviews, the building/structure is described as a “hay barn” and also the Smith family home itself. 

If Ragland’s visions are (as she puts it) “very specific”, then why do the details keep changing?


“I pointed to the back of the store and I said ‘He’s behind the store’ and so many people said, ‘We’ve searched. There’s been hundreds of people. We had horses,’ and I said, ‘I don’t care. I’m just telling you, he’s behind this store,’” she said.

Ragland took off. She was accompanied by firefighter Dave Wallender and together they began their own independent search.

She drove for a couple of hours along remote roads in the area all the while knowing her vision was bringing her closer to the gruesome discovery.

Driving for a couple of hours?  The Smith family home is directly behind and adjacent to the Menifee Market.  [Google Satellite View]


We drove down this hill then up then kind of stopped right there and we saw the single tree,” she said.

Incredibly, it looked like the same tree in Ragland’s vision. As she approached it, she noticed a scent which led to the tragic discovery of the boy’s partially buried body.

The article fails to mention that it was Ragland’s young children that she hauled along to Riverside County that actually found the “lump” of Terry Smith’s head sticking out of the ground.


Psychics do not usually have a great track record. In 2004, famed psychic Sylvia Brown appeared on The Montel Williams Show and told Cleveland kidnapping victim Amanda Berry’s mother, that he daughter was dead. Of course, Amanda was found alive four months ago in the Cleveland house of horrors.

The only piece of skepticism of psychic abilities was directed towards Sylvia Brown and not any of Ragland’s claims. 

Inside Edition completely fails to mention the heartbreaking fact that Sylvia Brown told Amanda Berry’s mother that her deceased daughter sent the message “Goodbye Mommy” from heaven.  

Amanda’s mother died in 2006, never knowing that her daughter was still alive.


Bad Quantum Timing

The timing of the Inside Edition article is unfortunate for Pam Ragland’s media jamboree.  The search for Terry Smith came to the sad conclusion on July 12th. According to an earlier Facebook post by Ragland, she filmed the IE interview on July 17th but it was not aired until September 16th.  While Ragland is still eager to take as much media exposure as possible to take credit for Terry Smith, Inside Edition obviously did not do their homework on Pam Ragland’s most recent “visions”.

Before the Inside Edition interview aired, Pam Ragland joined a radio interview with KFI AM640 on August 8th, where she made several claims and detailed more visions about the location and condition of kidnapped teenager Hannah Anderson. 

Every single one of Ragland’s claims were almost immediately proven to be flat out false. [full story here


amber alert visions fail


During the radio interview, Ragland once again (repulsively) claims that she has regular conversations with the deceased Terry Smith.

In the weeks that followed Hannah Anderson’s amazing rescue, Ragland has remained intuitively predictably silent on her botched visions.  However, right after the Inside Edition interview, Ragland took to her blog again to rail against critics and to promote her wares.  Here are a few of the more interesting bits:

I’ve said before (and it ticks them off I’m not afraid of them, so I’m willing to say this), that “doubters will never be convinced.” And, it’s true. I’ve watched as people have taken things I have said & done out of context for their own purposes, and to staunchly deny intuition exists. Maninly it’s their own way to get attention.

But, their supposition I should “know it all in every circumstance” is all wet. You see, intuition is NOT omnipotence or being all knowing. It’s simply TRANSLATING ENERGY.

Out of context?

There is nothing ‘out of context’ when Pam Ragland contradicts her own previous statements and her ‘visions’ have been proven to be flat out wrong.inigo-montoya


Intuition absolutely exists, just not in the way Ragland attempts to paint it as a metaphysical and somehow paranormal ability to “translate energy” into a missing persons GPS system.


Follow me here. Einstein already proved we are all ENERGY. E=MC(2) (Go ahead doubters… tear apart Einstein, too. The truth is–I’m sure they DID do that in his day!!)

This is not the first time that Ragland has trotted out fake Einstein quotes to deny criticism and refuse to take the James Randi Challenge to prove her abilities.

ragland fb - 2013 07 13 randi challenge

Ragland is attempting to use a variation of the “Everything is Energy” Einstein quote, which is commonly used by pseudo-science New Agers and is completely unattributed to Einstein.

In fact, this quote can be traced back to Hollywood special effects designer and “channeler” Darryl Anka…. or the entity called Bashar that Anka claims to communicate with.  A snapshot from April 2000 can be found on the WayBackMachine and the quote can be found on last paragraph.

A very detailed investigation into the origins of this quote can be found here: http://quoteinvestigator.com/2012/05/16/everything-energy/


If Ragland’s intuition is about “translating energy”, and somehow based on real world science that we should all know because E=MC(2) apparently explains everything, then it must follow real world physical laws. 

  • What form of energy is it?  She never explains. 
  • How is this energy measured?  Nope, no explanation here either. 
  • How is this energy transformed?  Still cannot seem to find it.  I think you have to buy her books to find that out. 
  • Could this energy be related to the same ooga booga dark energy that likes to hang out in the Middle East?  The list of unanswered basic questions could go on and on.


The remainder of the post continues with Ragland describing different “languages” or “types of” energy that make up intuition.  Still no details or source material on this mysterious energy.  Mediums, Channels, and Psychic all find this energy and then translate it into words.

Ragland then goes on to promote her Quantum Thought Shifting(TM), videos, books, and paid motivational services.


Looking back at the last portion of the Inside Edition article:

Now, police are left to wonder whether Pam Ragland was just lucky or is she the real deal.

It is my opinion that Pam Ragland was simply lucky in finding Terry Smith. She observed several details watching several days worth of non-stop local news coverage and made an instinctive guess (aka: intuition) that Terry Smith was still located somewhere on family property.

Even if one was to believe that it is even remotely possible that Ragland DID locate Terry Smith with psychic visions; after simply studying her past claims and failed visions, her credibility crumbles and she is absolutely not the “real deal”.

I also find it abhorrent and vile that Pam Ragland continues to parade the tragedy of a brutally murdered child to further her own business.

But that might be my own critical intuition talking.