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Psychic Parasite

Before Pam Ragland inserted herself (and her children) into the search for Terry Smith, she also joined a search for TV crews missing hikers a few months earlier. 

The parallels of Pam Ragland’s actions and psychic claims between these two rescue efforts are very revealing on her motivations.


The Missing Hikers

hikers - missing hikersOn March 31st 2013, Nicolas Cendoya (20) and Kyndall Jack (19) called 911 on a dying cellphone to notify authorities that they were lost while hiking in Trabuco Canyon.  Searches on foot, bloodhounds, and air support began quickly with many volunteers helping the authorities.  Lack of food and water in the extremely hot day hours would be taking a severe toll on the missing hikers by now. 

On April 3rd at around 9pm, a volunteer hiker heard the cries for help from a weak and confused Nicholas Cendoya.  Kyndall Jack was still missing at the time.  Rescue crews located Kyndall before noon on the following day, when another volunteer heard Kyndall’s screams for help and located her. 

Both hikers were very lucky to be found.  Here is an overview map of the search area.


hikers - map of the area


Pam Ragland Joins The Search

The NBC article on Terry Smith was the first mention of the missing hikers that I could find.

Ragland said she helped with the search for two hikers who were missing in Orange County for several days earlier this year.

No mention of “visions” in the NBC article but is it being implied that by helping with the hikers search, Ragland is using her psychic abilities? 

ragland fb - 2013 04 04 hikers 1a


A few quick searches revealed more details.

Ragland posted an update on Facebook after Nick was found that detailed her involvement as: guiding her daughter to “use her intuition to communicate with the missing hikers” and “giving the parents comfort”.

Intuition is now a method of alleged telepathic communication?  Intuition is a GUESS.  A belief obtained neither by reason nor by perception.  A hunch of unjustified belief.  Attempting to change the definition of the word by giving it paranormal qualities does not work or provide credibility.  In fact, it does the opposite.

ragland - visions of reporters

poorly ‘shopped vision of ragland trolling for reporters

The timing of the rescue effort at this point was deadly critical as both hikers were severely dehydrated, suffering from hypothermia, and starting to hallucinate.

So where was Pam Ragland at this point in the search?  Ragland was busy taking the time to “talk to all the media (6 stations there)”.  Not just one reporter, all of them.

Notice a pattern?


Quantum Contradictions

hikers - 2013 07 16 - setting the record straight


After receiving a significant amount of skepticism for her Menifee claims, Ragland posted a rather lengthy and confusing diatribe against the “angry skeptics” on July 16th 2013.  Here is the portion regarding the missing hikers.

Update: The original blog post is now 404… so here is the archived post link.  😀

This is where Pam Ragland completely contradicts herself about speaking to the media.  The media never really knew?  Of course they did!  Instead of searching for Kyndall, Ragland spent her time “speaking to all the media (6 stations)” and posted about it on April 4th, shown above.

Did Ragland completely forget that she spoke to six stations back on April 4th?  Is her latest “setting the record straight” posting just an attempt to show her motivations in a better light, rather than someone desperately seeking media attention?

Why does Pam wait for three days to “fess up” about her alleged abilities?  Two lost hikers in ever increasing danger with every hour counting and Ragland makes it a point to detail that she was not using her “intuition” until the third day of searching?  Compare this to how she explains elements from the Terry Smith search and other posts.

If Ragland and her daughter’s “intuition” had actually lead them to the missing hikers back in April, those six stations would have had excellent pre-recorded interview footage to provide an illusion of credibility.


Both missing hikers were found by other volunteers using their reality based senses of sight and sound.  Nothing metaphysical or paranormal was involved.

While Ragland insists that she is “two for two”, the circumstances of the events and her unbelievable claims do not add up even under a minimal amount of scrutiny.  She never made any direct claim or prediction as to the physical location for either of the missing hikers.

Only a few hours after Kyndall was found, Ragland provides a seriously vague reference to her intuition and that she was somehow inexplicably right.


hikers - 2013 04 04 off by a couple hours

Taking Credit for Nothing



Psychic? What Psychic?

While the rescued hikershikers - recovering were recovering from their ordeal, they reached out to thank the volunteers and rescue crews that didn’t quit searching until they were found.  Nicholas Cendoya specifically thanked his parents, friends, family, nurses, doctors, the officer that risked his life to save Kyndall, the firefighters that climbed up to save him, and the media for keeping attention on the rescue efforts.

Did either of the hikers make any mention of receiving telepathic communications from Ragland or her daughter?  Nope. 

Did either of the hikers thank or mention Pam Ragland or her daughter for their psychic abilities which guided them to safety?  Nope.

As there are still no actual facts or any evidence to support Ragland’s claims, her “scorecard” remains at a very obvious zero for two.


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