Pam Ragland has Refused the Randi Challenge for:



Reasonable Expectations

Soon after Pam Ragland began to make the rounds on every television and radio station that she could find to take credit for finding Terry Smith, many people began to take a careful look at the events and her claims.  Several people began to call upon Ragland to take the Randi Challenge to prove her abilities and claim the $1 million dollar prize.

Pam predictably(?) posted this insightful and typical (for psychics) response:


ragland fb - 2013 07 13 randi challenge

Ragland Unable to Prove Her Psychic Abilities



In a recent article, Ragland again misquotes Einstein’s “Everything is Energy” to avoid proving her claims.  Here is a snippet from the article about Einstein.

I believe Ragland is attempting to use a variation of the “Everything is Energy” Einstein quote, which is commonly used by pseudo-science New Agers and is unattributed to Einstein.

In fact, this quote can be traced back to Hollywood special effects designer and “channeler” Darryl Anka…. or the entity called Bashar that Anka claims to communicate with.  A snapshot from April 2000 can be found on the WayBackMachine and the quote can be found on last paragraph.

A very detailed investigation into the origins of this quote can be found here:


I cannot speak for all skeptics, but I have always been very interested in the paranormal and other such phenomena.  The only problem is that little hurdle that has never been passed.  Evidence.  Not to mention that people like Pam Ragland go to great lengths to avoid proving their claims.

If Pam Ragland was to provide actual demonstrable evidence of her abilities, there would be no doubters.  As Ragland can only casually dismiss any inquiry into her claims with insulting and scientifically illiterate responses, I cannot find any credibility.