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Month: July 2013

Pam Ragland and the Randi Challenge

Pam Ragland has Refused the Randi Challenge for: . Ragland Refuses $1 Million Countup . Reasonable Expectations Soon after Pam Ragland began to make the rounds on every television and radio station that she could find to take credit for finding Terry Smith, many people began to take a careful look at the events and her claims.  Several people began to call upon Ragland to take the Randi Challenge to prove her abilities and claim the $1 million dollar prize. Pam predictably(?) posted this insightful and typical (for psychics) response:     Update In a recent article, Ragland again...

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Pam Ragland, Predictable Nonsense

Pam Ragland has been promoting her services and special abilities for several years on her blog.  Here are a few of Pam Ragland’s more ridiculous blog absurdities and skeptical observations of her predictable nonsense.   Update: Pam Ragland’s original blog is no longer online, but images of the posts are inserted below.  Many of the pages are also archived on the WayBackMachine.  Links will eventually be updated. . Stop Hurricane Ernesto August 28th, 2006 – Pam Ragland claims that everyone can collectively just “think” Hurricane Ernesto away.  [source]   According to Ragland, natural disasters come from “dark energy” and by imagining away the destructive energy, it can be transformed into random blessings for children and babies. Unfortunately for Ragland and others that share this type of view, natural disasters are just that, natural and their causes are solidly based in scientific reality, not vague “light vs dark” superstitions.  Hurricane Ernesto developed by a tropical wave and responsible for at least 7 fatalities and over $500 million in damages. [source]   Does Ragland ask or direct her readers to help the Red Cross or any other emergency response organization?  Nope.  Imagining away a hurricane from the other side of the country is much simpler than donating to an organization that is actually helping rebuild lives. . Eliminate Hurricane John September 4th, 2006 – Pam Ragland claims that everyone can now...

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