An ex-gay counselor,  Rev. Ryan J. Muehlhauser, has been arrested for EIGHT felony counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct against two young men over a period of two years.  Muehlhauser is also connected to anti-gay organization Outpost Ministries.


The Outpost Ministries later released a statement that Muehlhauser is not a member of their organization:

“Outpost Ministries is deeply grieved over the allegations regarding Ryan Muehlhauser. Outpost fundamentally stands against sexual abuse and exists, in part, to minister to those who have been wounded by such violence. Ryan is not and has never been a member of Outpost staff nor was he a pastor to whom we referred clients. We continue to stand with the two young men who experienced this atrocity and we desire to help them in any way we are able. Our sorrow and our prayers go out to all who have been sexually violated. “

 Would they admit that he was working for them?