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Month: October 2012

Beluga Whale Mimics Human Speech

Very interesting article about a Beluga whale making vocalizations very similar to human speech.  The observations were recently published in Current Biology. From the article: The first mystery was figuring out where the sound was coming from. When a diver at the National Marine Mammal Foundation in California surfaced saying, “Who told me to get out?” the researchers there knew they had another example on their hands. The whales are known as “canaries of the sea” for their high-pitched chirps, but while a number of anecdotal reports have described whales making human-like speech, none had ever been recorded. Once they identified NOC as the culprit, they caught it on tape. The full article along with an audio recording of the whale can be found at the BBC and Smithsonian. Imagine if the Beluga whale is trying to vocalize “make it stop make it stop!”  Nahh, this one seems to enjoy the...

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Crucifix Crushes Man Exceeding Prayer Limits

A pizza parlor worker, described as ‘deeply religious’, was crushed by a 600 pound crucifix in Newburgh, New York.  David Jimenez believes that his devotion to the crucifix doctors and medical technology was responsible for his wife being cured of ovarian cancer. Because of his devotion and months of prayer, Jimenez received permission to clean the crucifix, which promptly fell upon him as it was not securely anchored.  Doctors were unable to save his leg and Jimenez is now suing the archdiocese....

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Catholics Called to Witness Video [long]

This Youtube video titled “Test of Fire: Election 2012” was forwarded to me multiple times in the last few months.    The content of this religious political propaganda got me to writing and I decided to craft an honest review.  This gets a little long but here it goes….   Top Notch Religious Propaganda This video from Catholics Called to Witness is nothing more than a very well crafted propaganda piece to play on people’s fears and ignorance.  The imagery and soundtrack are top notch production quality by the people at Creative Lab.  I’ll give them that but nothing else except for a lot of criticism about the actual content and message that this video attempts to draw from the viewer. You can instantly tell that this video is goddamn serious because of the dramatic soundtrack, the text is in ALL CAPS,  and what I’m assuming are the really important bits are in a different color throughout the whole video. This frame would’ve been accurate if it read: IN GENERATIONS PAST, THE CHURCH HAS ALWAYS GOTTEN AWAY WITH TELLING THE FAITHFUL SHEEP TO SIT DOWN, SHUT UP, AND OBEY HER SACRED PERCEIVED RIGHTS AND DUTIES WITHOUT QUESTION. THIS GENERATION OF CATHOLICS MUST DO THE SAME BECAUSE WE ARE BECOMING IRRELEVENT. The video then goes on with more floating text: MANY ISSUES ARE AT STAKE.  SOME ISSUES ARE, NOT NEGOTIABLE....

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